Art – Politics – Ideology – all that

It is my contention that art comes from a deeper place than political thought. When you’re a caveman, you don’t consider party politics, its all about food, or spirits, wonder and magic. Even the individual is irrelevant, as is the collective. Is it about getting above the herd? Or is it the experience of being? A bit of both perhaps, however, none of this means much when a Marxist or Fascist puts a spike through your head at 4am!


3 thoughts on “Art – Politics – Ideology – all that

  1. Actually for the caveman, it is all about tribe. We are not that far off in that we so often allow our sense of tribalism to support our fear of the Other. The Fascist build a whole world view on the Other; it is extreme tribalism/nationalism. Marxist are harder to pin down. Lots claim they are Marxist, but when you look at actual Marxist theory, they don’t match up. Very much like the various born again of any religion, who seem ready to cast the first stone/missile. Stalin had Karl Marx’s book banned/ put on a limited access. According to Marx’s theory Stalinist Russia and Red China are forms of capitalist totalitarian society. The few in power hold all of the wealth and the power is centralized around one individual.

    I think following Harpo Marx is best; a gentle soul who played music, sought to bring laughter to others, revelled in joyful anarchy and gleefully chased women on a cruise ships. He was a Time Lord and knew how to put more in a room/his pockets than is physically possible. πŸ™‚


    • The Marx brothers were fantastic, I read a biog on them once, they were pretty outrageous πŸ™‚

      I could get more political in my art now that things have gone totally crazy since I originally wrote that whimsical piece πŸ˜‰

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      • I am finding it difficult not to produce something that does not become political. The present social & political atmosphere hangs over everything, creating an unwanted & uncomfortable context.

        Room service send me a larger room – A Night At The Opera: Crowded Cabin Scene is a must see. Actually the whole movie is a classic. πŸ˜€

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