Bitter-Sweet Beryl

Bitter-Sweet Beryl




8 thoughts on “Bitter-Sweet Beryl

    • Thanks for the comment, with this one, I didn’t think much about process, it was an idea of a portrait, rather than a specific person – Picasso had been in the morning news as his “Woman of Algiers” had sold for millions, so I thought I wonder what she looks like? Then I got started, but not till after work in the evening, by which time she had kind of morphed into this imposing character, the next version “Bittersweet 2” went back a bit more Picassoesque, by way of the symmetry function in the software!


      • I’m always interested to hear the artist’s thoughts behind their artwork and what inspired them. I can’t even begin to think how you do all that with computer software. Do you ever create non-digital art?


  1. I used to have an “About” page which made things a little more clear. it seems to have gone adrift since I replaced the theme. I still have it, and could reactivate it perhaps, but I find that at the moment, I like that things are less than clear! – feel free to inbox me tho to discuss all and any other matters 🙂

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  2. Mystery can be a good thing. I didn’t even know you could send private messages on WP. Not sure where to do that but it’s no biggie.

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  3. I’m so thick sometimes it beggars belief! Yes, I hadn’t realised that there is no Inbox link on here, I just tried to re-publish my “about” page, but I don’t want it as a new post, I wanted it as a separate page, I’ll have another go later, or maybe figure out how to add my email address as a permanent link somewhere, I have no qualms with that, always enjoy meeting new folk


    • Ahh, you didn’t have to do all that just because I whined about it. 😀 Thanks anyway. I may take up your offer at some point but I’m bad about replying in a timely manner…as you can tell on here.


  4. I added my email to my Gravatar profile, its a start at least. I tried to re-add my About page but I’m not sure this profile supports it, and I want to keep the profile cos I like the ability to have a background image on the page, tried a widget, but nothing suits me thus far, maybe in the future, my background image will be my email address floating all round the page LOL

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