9 Swans (a swimming)












9 thoughts on “9 Swans (a swimming)

  1. Those are both great photos – I thought the swan in the film “Black Swan” where she started growing the feathers was fab too. We have this pop star here called “Paloma Faith” she likes to dress up and do her thing, this video she did was allot like Black Swan I thought, pretty far out anyhow, not necessarily a swan theme, but nice dress and love all the water coming down, stunning imagery 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuQwxTU21G0

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    • I love the Black Swan film! I own that one. 🙂 I had not heard of Paloma Faith but thanks for the link, I liked her dress and the scenery was lovely.

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      • Yep, that was a good film! I have it too, Natalie Portman is a true great I wonder what she will do throughout her career? On a par with Winona Ryda and others I never saw them do anything I dint like, its exciting to see some one on screen with that kind of presence 🙂

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