Aquatic Dream


Frosty Girl


Crazy Cat


Into You



12 thoughts on “Visions

  1. You lot!! I’m not Scottish, but my mum is! I was brought up in the south, so I ought to sound incredibly sophisticated and intelligent, like Watson and Holmes, either of those would be my dream, Ah, yes, to stand by the fireside with a thumb tucked in my waistcoat pocket, and blather on for a bit – sadly, I sound more like “My old man’s a dustman, and he lives in a council flat!” I was all set to do a set of videos with “What I ought to sound like” What I think I sound like” and “What I really sound like” I was gona get a Scotsman, and Englishman, and a Cockney, respectively, but can I find good clips on utube?? No!!! I just can’t!!!

    Ruth Ann, now we know you come from Louisiana – but don’t you be foolin’ us all with your high airs and graces, your flouncy white dresses and fancy hats!

    13 likes! Many a mickle makes a muckle! 🙂 Thanks all XX


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