Tales of Sadness and Woe



5 Men


Sea of Red





8 thoughts on “Tales of Sadness and Woe

      • Hi Caroline, This set came about after I had been thinking about life and so on while at work in my morning job, which is noisy and boring! I have the radio on, but only hear snippets of news, they were talking about asylum seekers in the med so that shaped my ideas about the sea and calling my random portrait “Ayisha” Just a beautiful name that appeals to me really. The idea for 5 men seated in a row, I don’t know where it came from now, but it was something I actually set out to draw, whereas the portrait just emerged. Often if I set off scribbling abstractly, a face emerges, simply because human faces imprint themselves and reappear readily.

        Later as I was putting together the set from a dozen or so scribblings, I fancied the romantic idea of 5 asylum seekers / migrants, who all knew the same village girl “Ayisha” and all 5 drowned? Unknown – something like that? I think my sadness that morning was so strong, and so unexplained, it seemed to put a lid on it.

        You’re doing a great job on your writing, I’m loving it, so pleased to meet you, fantastic! XX

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