Sub Rosa



Chocy Dream


Strange Dream


Big Cheese




Good Morning


Strange Creature


Creamy Dream


Green (bum) Man


Squashed Face


Just Like That Blue Bird



10 thoughts on “Sub Rosa

  1. Happy eyeballs! “Flower” is now my most favorite of your works. It’s like a kaleidoscope! Would love to see more like that. Bluebird is pretty cute, too.

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  2. Thanks Lauren! Kaleidoscopes rule! Used to have one with plastic rocks in it as a kid, whenever bored, I’d have a few twists on that thing and go off like a whole new kid! 😀

    The Blue Bird thing, it just kind of appeared so I drew it up, then later titled it after I heard David Bowies latest song titled “Lazarus” as it has a lyric that goes “Just like that BlueBird” – so moved by that, the way he’s done that last album, I’m looking forward to listening to it properly, what a shock it was when the news came out, and all about that last record!

    Anyhow, happy new Year! Xx

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    • Haha, I could see that. I never had one but I might have to get one now. I may never leave the house again!

      Ah yes, very nice reference to Bowie there. I know, such a tragedy. He’s been an inspiration to many.

      Happy New Year back atcha.

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