Past Moons

Plate 1

moon1Plate 2

moon2Plate 3

moon3Plate 4


Plate 5


Plate 6


Plate 7



8 thoughts on “Past Moons

      • I always gaze out train windows, happy memories! I seem to remember looking out the window of a stationary train, in the station, and seeing another train stood alongside, eyeballing pretty girls (as always) then when the other train moves off, and you think its yours moving, but its not! And the girl you were looking at, wasn’t on the other train, but is actually on yours, reflected in the glass! Those reflections, they are mind boggling! Love photos where its a shop window, and you can’t be sure whats in the window, and whats reflected fro the street etc


      • I’ve been on a train twice! And I know that weird feeling of you thinking your train is moving but it’s not. 🙂 I quite enjoyed my two train rides. No cute guys that I remember, though. I like the weird reflection stuff, too.

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