Inside Out










15 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. For naming on these, I thought up imaginary words, then googled for real ones! It worked out quite well πŸ™‚ It can be hard to find titles, after all, if I was wanting to express words, I wouldn’t be doing art, but I do like to have titles that work as pointers πŸ™‚


  2. I love these pictures they are so ethereal! But at the same time they would look so good on the wall of my house, if I had any space for pictures. Thanks for your comments on my blog today and for reading it. How is the erotic blog going any more encounters on tubes? If only my priest had not been married I the erotic factor of my blog would have gone up to a whole new, possibly heretical, level!

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  3. Ha,ha,ha, yes Caroline!! I loved watching the thorn-birds on TV yrs ago, that was a good story about a priest who strayed from the religious path. Its a fascinating idea I think – I remember a couple of girls I knew used to go to church cos they fancied the priest there, that was so funny to me, these poor priests!!

    I’m glad you like the pictures, they could be printed out pretty good at quite big sizes, would be quite modern art minimalist!

    Oh, and as for more erotica, I did have an idea the other day, it was pretty raunchy, the possibilities are endless in that field, ha,ha, there is another life out there waiting for me to explore, I don’t know for sure, but I might be missing out on quite a lot – so thanks for the encouragement! XXX


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