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  1. A very bright representation of death! My version of the death instinct was my 22 hour a day cocaine addiction which could have killed me. And I have to say I believe it was Freud who said everyone had a death instinct and a life instinct but part of me enjoyed the fact that I was killing myself. I think this is common to many drug addicts and chronic alcoholics and explains some of their most self-destructive behaviour. But unlike when I was suicidal with clinical depression where I was just trapped in a black cloud all the time, my cocaine addiction was like these pictures full of drama and excitement..

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    • I’m not sure where I got the word Thanatos from, but most likely something I read to do with Jung and art therapy, I’m really interested in these huge behind the scenes psychological motivations!

      I was watching a video the other day of someone from the 1960’s undergoing an experiment with LSD, she described it as “wonderful” and “Like Death” – these perceptions amaze me, why would someone draw that parallel – sometimes we do draw these ideas as purely natural, and how amazing when Freud and others came out with it, it all just blows my mind like sub atomics and so on!

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    • Its been 20 yrs since I was messing about with magic mushrooms, I was completely nuts for about 18 months! At first it was like smoking pot, but then 2x as strong, then 3x, then 4x, then quickly off the scale! I laughed my ass off for about 2hrs! Weird! Next time was more like finding my way with it, then after that I went over to the dark side, which was terrifying cos I lost control of it & just had to wait for it to wear off, which took about the next 18months, cos it was more intellectual than chemical / physical – maybe it was something in them, cos we all seemed to have a bad time that year, or else people were just nodding and agreeing cos thats what people do! Anyhow, it induced extreme paranoia and godlike feelings, it was a “WTF?” scenario!! 😀


      • Well really it shows up in my preferences more than explains, cos I was always interested in crazy stuff, I’m quite boringly normal in my real life, just that I’m the only one that thinks so! LOL 😉


    • Well in all honesty, I put titles to them after I did them, but they definitely do invoke something of the dark side! I read (and loved) the writings of Jung, which helped me with the weird and wonderful side of imagination.

      I have been reading that Hilary Mantel book tonight, she’s awful dark with her appraisal of the worst of British! I would find it hard to celebrate that in the way she does, what an interesting writer she is – I shall have to read more of her.

      Glad you enjoyed them RA! XX

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      • It would be great if we were all reading the same book together, like a book club I guess, but how on earth would we find the time to do it? On the radio show, they say “And if you’re following along, these are the 3 books we are reading for next week” What?? How am I going to find time to read 3 books in a week!! Oh the horror! Reading is so fab tho, I know people who read a lot, its so much better than tv! Tv has no depth whatsoever, strange really, you’d think it would be better than it actually is, but it just seems to suck one brain out 99% of the time. Mantel knows this, viva the readers!! XX

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      • Well, I find that there is some pithy drama going on in that box, these days. BILLIONS, about a high end inside trader and the DA working to indict him. DAMAGES was also gripping, and in season I find HOMELAND to be equally riveting. The acting is superb, the storylines timely. I actually find quite a bit of depth in these various TV dramas, but I’ve been paying for the extra channels, so that does make a decided difference. Network TV? only The Blacklist, for me, on any of those offerings. Oh, and The Bachelor, but that’s just my mindless escape. My problem is: various friends have told me to write a novel. Whenever I pick up a novel, I have an emotional reaction that approaches anxiety: “You should be writing, not reading.” And, that’s why I write this blog. Might be a time of life thing, as well, being on the cusp of the final third of life……XO


      • Well I do like some of it, American Horror is one of my faves, it moves fast and has a lot of content – Game of Thrones is popular in this house, it drives me mad because it just has no direction, they say its loosely based on the wars of the roses, which were indeed pointless, cruel and frustrating, it looks good on screen, I admit I watch it. I think everyone knows TV is the opium of the masses, Best lyrics by the Clash . . .
        All across the town, all across the night
        Everybody’s driving with full headlights
        Black or white turn it on, face the new religion
        Everybody’s sitting ’round watching television!

        True dat! XX

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      • For 25 years, I never watched Tv. Played in two orchestras, gave 8 private lessons per week, and taught full time music in the pubic schools K-12. Been watching Tv for the past two years. It’s a nice change! 😀

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    • I think what I’m really getting at is just the nature of “that Box” one would expect it to be better than going out and living amongst people, since its progress and all that, but really its some kind of evil invention, its backlight somehow sucks us in! Actually, I Do know a bit about that – when you produce back lit colours on screen, they are brighter than anything you can print out, (no back lighting) light comes from the front of a print, and bounces off the white of the paper, so the print gamut, is not as broad as the on screen – it doesn’t matter really, because nothing on screen is as good as a print or a painting, it may be more dazzling and exciting, especially if its a moving image, its mind boggling how good it is, and yet, its still not as good as real life, which is odd!

      Anyhow, artist David Hockney, they asked him what he thinks of TV, he said “its a box” which I thought was quite funny – but he’s right, how good would it be if we could all be out every night, at the opera, or a show, in the pub, meeting friends, making new ones and so on, mostly we flop in front of the box, cos we feel knackered! Perhaps they had more energy yrs ago, before it was invented??!! 😉

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      • Went and saw Bill Viola video art locally, it was the best video art I ever saw – good use of the medium, not sure I would compare it with art outside of that medium tho

         photo viola_zpsarch5mn6.jpg


      • I’m actually torn. I find myself looking forward to the next episode of something. My social life is largely dictated by my work, you see, my having squandered much of the 25 years filling my schedule to overflowing with gigs. So, now that I have down time, I find myself in solitude much of the time. It’s become a lifestyle concern, really. Being gluten free, my drinking options are very limited, so I don’t hang in the pubs. Ironic, really, since we have some of the best crafted beers anywhere in the country!!!!


      • Oh well, I’m not laying down the law, I do lots of things that aren’t good for me, 1/2 of life has to be wasted in order to appreciate the other half, or so it seems, or to put it another way, one must re-charge ones reserves at some point, we don’t all have the opportunities and or abilities of David Hockney, he’s been top of the game since he was 22, or whatever! Anyhow, there must be times when even DH sits back and thinks “f*ck this sh*t” 😀

        Talking of beers, and thinking back to the times before TV, I often think of my grandfather, mum says he loved the music halls, a good singalong, some comedy, a night out, (I love comedy on tv) if he wasn’t at the music hall, I expect he was down the pub – they all drank to excess back then, and smoked too, like chimneys! Since they banned smoking in pubs here about 10yrs ago, 50% of pubs have closed, that trend had already started when it got cheaper to buy booze from supermarkets to drink at home. Its a shame about our pubs, many of them have been knocked down, they were the alternative social centre to the churches, also in decline and probably less populated even than the pub, in fact, I’m amazed anyone goes at all, but then I’m not that social, unless I’m half drunk!

        Britain today is in a terrible state, like your revolting mr Trump, we have the same phenomena here, its the result of an anti-social society, something dreadful about mindless convenience has made us bitter, I mean them of course, not us, I’d socialise if they weren’t all such *******’s Xx

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