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I quite pride myself in my fashion sense, but I don’t suppose many people really notice me all that much, I do have a few items of which I’m proud, taste wise, but overall, my self expression as regards clothing isn’t all that outlandish – I prefer women’s clothing, there’s so much more choice, the spectrum of shapes and colours goes way beyond menswear, for example, we men are all expected to wear trousers but never skirts, or flowing dresses.

I tend to wear jeans, pretty much exclusively, but as I have been invited to a nephews wedding, this coming April, I supposed I ought to consider sourcing some better trousers for the occasion. I don’t normally go to weddings, except to raise an objection, so I was out shopping today looking at new trousers. I had a gander around TK Max, and Debenhams, (a pretty classy boutique if you…

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