Do Women Have Souls?

Do Women Have Souls? Ah yes, the age old question! How many times have we asked ourselves? Well, actually, never. It never did occur to me, in fact, when I heard there is a book out of this title Iā€¦

Source: Do Women Have Souls?


35 thoughts on “Do Women Have Souls?

    • Well I don’t know about that RA, back in the old days there were supposedly more matriarchal societies, before patriarchy took over as we got more war-like? Something to do with living in larger groups with towns and cities and so on, not that I’m an expert, but it seems that before the current beliefs, women were held in higher esteem?

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      • That is true, but the belief in the human soul is based in patriarchal religions. To the English speaking, this is the relevant history. And, we all know that English speaking cultures presume pre-eminence. šŸ˜‰

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      • Ah, I see. But surely the oldie worldie religions had a concept of soul too? I mean it may not have been called a “soul” but there must have been parallels, its all semantics and theological perhaps, but interesting to me anyhow, for instance, if something means something in language, then it must mean something real in reality also, rather than just some pie in the sky waffle in church or whatever.

        There’s a page here on wiki seems to say even the Greeks believed in something like a soul

        I’m not sure what a soul actually is, a part of the brain? The nervous system? A God particle? A phantasy? Or just some hand out from patriarchs to male members of a group?

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      • Well, there you have it. What is the soul, and where is it? My adult student, a triple black belt (who plays the cello/did you think I was an Asian fighting woman?!) says the Asians believe the soul to be found below the navel.

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      • Thats fair, I can dig that on many levels! šŸ™‚

        An old hippie pal once said to me the soul isn’t located in just one place, its in your whole body man! He was quite inspiring to listen to! People get into all these vibrations and crystals and so on, I like all that too!

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      • The woman who sang at my wedding told me that, when her boyfriend of 90 some years passed, her face was right over his, and when he expelled his final breath she felt a woosh come from his mouth into her lungs. She was convinced that a part of him had entered her body at the moment of death.


      • Thats freaky! I just don’t know what I believe, I had a few experiences, I can’t say if they changed my way of thinking or not, nervous reactions and unexplainable feelings can be misconstrued and so on.

        There was a history of Christianity on TV a while ago reckoned that women had been equal in the early church, and it was later that they got kicked around more, I forget the details now, but it was such an excellent series, I think it was this one, titled “Sex and the Church”

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      • He’s quite interesting that Diarmaid MacCulloch, he’s a pretty good academic – I can’t find the earlier episode about the middle ages but the whole series was very good! xx


      • According to such reports, a lot was suppressed by the English monarchy w respect to the Church, I think. The Coptics were suppressed, so many writings discarded/left out of the final canon……


      • Nah…lack of morals and honor….you know, if it feels good…do it…if it pays your bills….who cares about where the money is coming from and who it’s taken away from….


      • I can hardly believe anyone operates like that, but then maybe on some level of existence – yeah, I guess they do, sort of person I too have met, chaos makers, blind home wreckers and selfish maniacs! Perhaps its because of them that the rest of us have to strive for something better?


      • Or are just better. I never had to struggle with morality or honor. There was NEVER any question that I was going to be faithful (and believe me, I could have strayed many, many times.) It’s simply about honor. I may not have a husband anymore and he and his WTC may have poisoned my children against me but there’s one thing I didn’t lose…and that is my honor.

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    • I should just post the whole text here! Did you see the post on Exactica? (my other blog linked above)

      It has been claimed that women don’t have souls! I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t have one! I’m not to blame for all this, I’m just repeating what I heard elsewhere!! šŸ˜‰


  1. It took me ages to find the comments box and now, I fear, I am writing in the wrong one. Liking your Blog. Interesting stuff…
    and I rather like the Chrissie Hynde one… never heard it before. Peceful gentle song. Thank you

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