Shipping Forecast









Fair Isle


I did a painting of the version above, its only 7″x7″



14 thoughts on “Shipping Forecast

      • Being out the sea is wonderful. My favorite thing to do. We just did coastal cruising but it was wonderful. Nothing like endless blue sky and blue sea. I went on a cruise once on a big ship for 10 days four different islands my favorite days were the days at sea. So I loved your pictures. 😄

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      • I don’t think I ever experienced anything like that, though I have been on a ship in some of those areas, I just love those names “Cromarty, Malin, Rockall” etc, (they are all sea area names around the north of Scotland) They put out a Shipping Forecast on the radio here, its mostly for fishermen, and having heard it daily since I was small, it always triggered the imagination!

        I was going to do a picture of a small boat on a flat sea, but then I started to ruffle it all up a bit, perhaps because I just had a bit of a stormy few days? Or more likely cos I’m a reckless kind of guy! 😉 XX

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      • Well stormy seas probably make more interesting art anyway. Danger! We have NOAA weather here, the government weather agency. We always used to joke they gave the worst weather forecasts lol. They’d tell you the seas were 2′ to 4′ and you’d get out there and it was more like 4′ to 8′. Turn around and go back. Lol.

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      • Ha,ha, I love all that! Although the UK is an island, I never lived near the sea, and never met anyone who sailed upon it! So the shipping forecast to me, well it was just some strange surreal storm that happened miles away almost in a different world!

        I love to watch stuff on TV, where the waves are crashing over the ship, and they yell “We’ll have to make a run for the coast and hope for the best!” Brave people!!

        That last one, “Fair Isle” The shapes jumping up look like fish, thats my fave – I may paint that one and put it on the wall 🙂


      • Oh that was mine too! Perfect Storm is one of my favorite movies! That was some big seas!!! The guy I write about all the time, Scott, used to do offshore fishing. Got rescued off sinking ships twice by helicopter. Maybe they should have left him, lol.


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