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I won’t be posting much this week as I’m busy with other stuff – At the weekend I went to my nephews wedding, it was a good experience, I enjoyed it very much. Here’s the br…

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5 thoughts on “More recent news

  1. Ducks are so cute – but I do like eating them as well! It’s terrible being a rampant carnivore but I suppose that meat animals would not exist in such large numbers if we were not eating them. I don’t like vegetarian food it doesn’t fill me up and I feel like I haven’t eaten. I hope you paint some psychedelic pictures to represent the wedding in your usual style! Thanks for continuing to read my blog.

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    • Hi Caroline, I don’t know what I’m gona paint next, but I’m looking forward to doing something, been painting and decorating all week, had the week off work, but what about this weather? Bloody ludicrous!! Can’t hardly believe it April, whatever happened to springtime? I shall come over your way and read your blog before the weekend is out, always worth waiting for! 🙂


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