Mercifull Release

Exotic in pink






Thing 1 & Thing 2




21 thoughts on “Mercifull Release

    • Oh, good, and thanks Caroline! I just loved the softness of the pink! It started out as a rich blue with a red slash, someone was doing something like it in the world of fine art a few yrs ago, but now I google “Slash Paintings” I just get pictures of Slash the guitarist! LOL Anyhow, I did that, then ran some processes and jiggled about a bit on it and it finished up as it is now! 😉


  1. Here to say you have an amazing blog! A stand out from many that i have come across, earned my support through following. Cheers! – Cezane


    • Thanks Lauren, those were quite accidental / experimental, looking back, I like the frizzy black hair, that kind of wildness appeals to me, or should I say terrifies! LOL I remember a gypsy girl at school – when I walked by she said loudly, I NEED a MAN!!!! Crikey, she struck terror! What a woman! I expect she’s got a dozen kids by now, and her hair was actually straight! But I digress, wiry hair, thats a challenge in itself, its another subject I shall have to have another go at 🙂


      • You got me thinking about that gypsy curse movie, Drag Me to Hell! I’ve never known any gypsy gals but I’d like to think I’d befriend one. I’m glad she didn’t curse you for giving her the cold shoulder! Ouch.

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      • HA,ha, no, she wouldn’t curse me, she was lovely, and I didn’t give her the cold shoulder – she terrified me, and she knew it! LOL I Think her name was Leena, or similar, she was real pretty, but scary too, very bold! If I had my time again, I’d have been bolder, but even today I’d still be nervous! Something about that girl, just felt sure my opinions and beliefs etc, were of absolutely no consequence to her – what then did she see in me? I guess now I’ll never know, bah – I should have found out shouldn’t I? Not sure I’d ever found out tho – women minds, to me they are unfathomable!

        Love that Drag me to Hell – was thinking about that film the other day – when she goes for that family meal, and it all goes so very wrong!! 😀


      • It certainly can be terrifying to be under a woman’s spell. Hehe. Isn’t that something how you’d still be nervous even today. Look her up on Facebook, eh? Maybe it’s not too late. 😉 And yes, that family meal from the movie – her fork stabbing the eyeball in that cake and the eyeball goo oozing out.

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      • She was a pretty self assured and confident lunatic! Ha,ha, like most women I suppose, but back then I was more confused – I wonder if she’d remember me? I’m surprised I remember her, something must have made an impression, I do think of her from time to time, back then tho, it was just a straightforward case of “How about it??” LOL I would imagine we are both significantly changed by now. Interesting subject really, when I think of some of the girls I knew who I did actually fall for, it seems there is some more vague and indefinable bond, (thats probably just in my head) I find wether I approach women with a “You’re my long lost love” or “Hey babe, I feel crazy around you” they are equally in the frame of mind of “Ok, go ahead, give it your best shot” Women seem to be remarkably amenable, (that is, until you inevitably create some dreadful faux pas) and totally blow yourself out the whole game! 😉

        Thing is with Leena, she caught my attention, cos I’d been told she was a gypsy, and I hadn’t really met a real one before, so I was interested in all that, but she just seemed to be saying “Give it to me hard and fast you big psycho brute!” I think to this day I’d find that a bit of a stretch, I think she was having a joke at my expense, probably just thought I was a right dummy!!! 😀

        I wanna watch Drag me to Hell again now! Love it! 🙂 XX

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