friday 13

White cat on black


Best foot Forwardbestfoot



After Rain


Silken night




Freaky Friday


Move it



14 thoughts on “friday 13

  1. Love these psychedelic and cat pictures! I’m a big fan of cats but also love the after rain and other psychedelic pictures. I hope you have finished painting your car or garage (or was it a motorbike?) or whatever it was you were painting as your talents are really shown by these Friday 13th pictures.

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    • Thanks Caroline, thats awfully kind of you to say! Yes, I finished painting the motorbike some time ago, it came out ok, never quite to my full satisfaction, but I’m sort of 96% ok with it, which is better than 84% as it was before! Funny to be able to put a figure on it like that, it’ll never be 100%, maybe 98% or so, its complicated!

      I have a bit of iron filing in my thumb, its bothering me now, its swollen up and I can’t find it to get it out, been sore all week, argh!

      I find with the pictures, they work best when the mood is right, lot of cats round here! Hope your Friday went well, mine did, surprisingly well 🙂


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