Remix – (meltdown)





18 thoughts on “Elouise

  1. The first ones, I though, dang, Eloise is beautiful then she became skull like, then kind of other-worldy but may a little ghoulish…Anyway, amazing what you did with her. So different and so similar. I guess like all of us…we all have some beauty and the beast, I guess. Very cool. 🙂

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  2. I love the way all these paintings have a similarity a thematic continuity although they are all different with the skull appearing slightly different in each one. They remind me of the crazy OCD photos I used to take 15 shots of the boiler all similar but slightly different although yours are obviously much more artistic. I took 7,000 OCD photographs over a period of 3 months and completely used up all the space on my Iphone. My friend said I should put them in an exhibition but instead I’ve turned them into collages and used them to illustrate my blog. Out of madness comes art…

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