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21 thoughts on “Political Mean

  1. These people mentioned in the first image, talk endlessly about “this great country” if its so great, how come they are so excruciatingly vile?

    Having done one picture, of course I have to flog it to death! 🙂

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      • We have had very tame politics in the UK since forever, these 4 are far more chancers even than Mrs Thatcher, they are making promises they can’t keep, or suggestions of promises, no one knows what they are voting for, its meant to be about the EU, but if they win, (they are currently leading the polls) the current government will likely collapse, its very strange – people are sleep walking into some kind of popular nationalistic political coup, not even realising it is going to be very right wing. Its similar to Trump in the USA, who knows what may come of it? I wonder! I meet a lot of people who feel very strongly about the issues, there is great potential for mania to occur – I hope not, but I’m sure there is madness in the air!

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      • These are strange times, opening up to globalisation, there is potential for a rush to the bottom, rather than to preserve dignity, no one country seems to be setting a good example anywhere, I am quite disturbed by the careless expressions I hear lately


      • Except for the colour of the skin, this sounds so much like India in many ways. We have, I believe, a good Prime Minister, who has his plate full.

        But then, we have a whole bunch of “leader” who don’t seem to care about real issues. They do not, and I am convinced they do not, want to educate the masses. It pays to keep them foolish. This way, they can fool them with rhetoric, silly issues and diversions…

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      • Even more ironically, since much of the debate is about immigration, a lot of newcomers can’t wait to vote out of Europe, in order to pull up the drawbridge after them! Its just like in the USA, where many Trump supporters are Mexicans patriotically voting against their own best interests!


  2. This is one of those times I wanted to see inside your head, lol. But you quite obliged with your explanation! I think we have it worse here, with even the notion of a pres Trump. I was heartened to hear in the news his poll numbers are dropping against Hillary. I am a Bernie supporter but it looks like that won’t happen. Apparently every country has a few lunatics vying for power.

    I’m trying to decide which picture reminds me most of trump but none of them are scary enough. Lol.

    Nice work Ogden. 😊

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  3. I think your poster is great – but you stopped half way through. Boris plays the buffoon to great effect. Even his sister though is advocating ” staying”. Our Colonial Days are over, we need to realise we have lost our strength and accept the umbrella, whether we like it or not, of the EU…
    Life changes. Oak and Willow and all that……

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    • Lets see how it all turns out – I live in the North, its traditional Labour area, yet people I meet are quite keen on the UKIP message, I hope opinions change in the next 2 weeks, but if they go for an out vote, I guess we shall just have to live with it!

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