Nine Imaginary Dreams











19 thoughts on “Nine Imaginary Dreams

    • Thanks Sue, good comment! I find that I have amazing ideas just on the cusp of sleep – that was how it was with these 2, (and one other which hasn’t been rescued) I try to remember the ideas, but they are moving on in a millisecond of that crossover between conscious and unconscious – I’m thinking I could do with a sketch pad by the bed, or better yet, and easel primed with paints!! I could just use the computer I suppose, but then I’d be up all night!! 🙂

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      • I know those moments. An entire lifetime in that single instant. I try to file them away for morning, but sometimes they’re just too ethereal. But if you were willing to get up and start recording, then we could watch the progression of a sleep-deprived artist slowly driven mad… ;). A nearby sketch pad might be a better solution. Do you draw well in the dark?


      • I jotted these ideas down the next day at work, about 10:00 am as I recalled them, almost lost one by 10:00:32, but pulled it back! I just scribble down a line drawing and hope the rest falls into place from that trigger, its quite interesting to note how the brain seems to be good at recalling imagery, but then as much as that is encouraging, it can also be disappointing how much of it is just lost! I think colours seem to make impact on my memory, more so than finer details, which are there, but need to be re-calculated, and thats where it all comes apart – maybe one day they will be able to “brain dump” imagery using technology, well – if they ever do, the advances in art and development of calculating would surely be just astonishing! 🙂

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      • I can see the Craig’s List ad: Wanted: Mad Scientist to develop (or currently in possession of) technology to collect imagery by brain dump to preserve those inspired instants just before sleep that evaporate in the morning light. Contact: Frustrated but Well-rested Artist #IfIWereAnInsomniacIWouldntNeedYou

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      • Ha,ha,ha! Imagine the possibility tho, if you could access a brain that way, you could solve crimes quite well – and when you have some scientist trying to figure out the meaning of something, like say, how to solve some riddle in medicine, or astronomy, and he’s thinking “Argh, I’m sure I know this, but I can’t figure it out!” Well, in my mind anyhow, I like to think all the things that have been discovered throughout history, were just waiting there to be found, so perhaps with my brain infusion image transfer method, all the rest of evolved thought could be discovered at an instant! It would just take another zillion yrs to fathom the info I guess! 😉

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  1. Oh man Ogden! The first lighter ones seemed to be a beach to me, taken from above, so you could see the sand and the water. The middle ones, I could see the face of the person sleeping….really! the dark ones…..well, lets just say I could see the cosmos where the dream took place.

    I really love this set. You outdid yourself. You should go for a motorcycle ride and reward yourself, lol.

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    • I think I shall revisit that first set, I didn’t have much time, I love the idea, in my mind it was like she was wrapped in something between a warm bath towel and a wedding dress – hmm, the ultimate marriage attire perhaps? 🙂

      I laid one image over another, and wound up with 2 faces in one, which I liked, I thought “well, she has a split personality poor thing!”

      Good idea! Pity it keeps raining here, but its looking good for the weekend fingers crossed! 🙂

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  2. I love the way that faces and figures come through what seem to be very abstract portraits. I particularly like these types of your pictures. It’s almost as if the figure or face emerges in one picture and then is blurred out in the others. I hope you’ve got no more motorbikes to paint as these are so much better!

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    • Oh Caroline, I was just thinking about you!

      Now, you behave! Not the motorbike!!!! 😉

      Thanks for your comments, always welcome here – I’m looking forward to having more time for computer art, its been a dire nightmare doing the bike, I fixed it, but it was wrong, so I had to do it again, then I found something else wrong, and its gone on like that for weeks – even the local bike garage wasn’t interested in taking it on – I would have paid them!! I’d have been skinned, but I was willing more than once to walk away from it! Seems more or less ok now, still needs a bit of TLC, but mostly its going ok.

      I paint as well, thats really my ultimate thing to do, I need to be more anarchic, but also more controlled, its a never ending struggle really. If we ever meet, I’ll paint ya, willingly or not!

      Cheers m’dere – waiting for your next publication 🙂 XX


  3. These are absolutely beautiful and intriguing you captivate with the colors and the depth of the meaning in the images


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