Just a vicar



Revolting revolution







Who’s that Girl?





9 thoughts on “Wakened

    • I don’t know where that girl came from, or where she went to! I just had an idea to draw a girl like that one!

      The Retard Revolution is about our current political situation, I think its important to be warned – just imagine, (if you will), Trump making his acceptance speech on capitol hill in November! Oh no!!! 😮

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    • I often do more than one, cos its so easy to do, and I can’t decide which I prefer!

      Oh yeah, I did a vicar, after I read a blog about a preacher, so I had this vision of some evil mad preacher, but then what I actually drew came up much more of a saintly figure, and in the end, I had to accept, popular tho evil preachers are – I never really met any horrendously evil ones in all my days!

      The Satan figure was inspired by Nigel Farage! Weird, I was doing something else at the time, and thinking about the current political situation, and this figure loomed into my mind, like an evil shadow over Europe.

      Thanks Caroline 🙂 XX

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  1. My, what big teeth you have, Satan! And Ooo that girl. She looks lovely. As for the retard revolution, I figured as much that it had to do with your current political situation. Oi…the world can really be a nightmarish place.

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