I got these 3 idiot cats sat outside my kitchen window, scratching away cos they are full of fleas, they get on my nerves now because I don’t have any food for them, they aren’t my cats…

IMG_6372 (1)

Source: Idiots!


7 thoughts on “Idiots!

      • I used to have three, down to one now….evil little mouser she is, still part feral, she comes in but mostly likes it out. Wasn’t sure she’d fare well moving from Buffalo area to Florida, but for a longer haired cat, she seems to not mind the heat☀️

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      • Every time I have more than one in the house there has been trouble! These 3 that visit are siblings and all seem to get along reasonably well – the cat that lives here is actually from the same brood, but back a generation, but she doesn’t seem to recognise other cats as equals!!

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