Post-Industrial Jesus





This post could cause miss-interpretation and anything from jubilation to offence. My intention with posting this is simply free-expression, I do these pictures and if I can’t post them I might feel bottled up – that doesn’t mean I think its ok to go around kicking sand in peoples faces, simply to pass the time, however, I do feel that I have as much right  as anyone else!

25 thoughts on “Post-Industrial Jesus

    • Glad u like this SB! It started out as something completely different, but then with the cross being such a prevalent symbol, anything cross like gravitates towards Christianity, so I can honestly say, it came from the depths! 🙂

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  1. I like these paintings and to me they don’t just look like post-industrial Jesus they look like Terminator Jesus! The skull shapes in the paintings remind me of the cyborg without its fake human flesh on. But Terminator is post industrial so you are communicating your message effectively! 🙂 xx

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    • Ha,ha,ha! What a great comment! I was thinking about this idea at work this morning, (my mind often wanders off) cos JC has been pictured in art as suffering Jesus, on the cross mostly, and also kind and soft Jesus, but never really terrifyingly epically dead Jesus! Well I was thinking maybe its time to update his image, move the religion forward into the current era – Terminator Jesus is a fabulous idea! It goes way farther than I had imagined possible! 🙂 XX0


    • Thanks Dracu! Y’know I actually thought posting this might turn out to be a “biggie” having been raised with so much of the religiosity, and never being sure I fully got rid of it (nothing like being out walking and realising you are subconsciously singing “I’m a Jesus sunbeam” or whatever, as instructed X amount of yrs ago!)

      In the end, posting it wasn’t such a big deal for me internally, so much as not wanting to upset others, cos for many the subject is sacrilege, which to me is just plain daft, so I guess that makes me free of it, as I have been for quite a few yrs, but then because half the world seems to be utterly crazy, its like having convinced myself, its back to square one, cos there are however many billions of others yet to convince!!! Yikes!! XX

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      • I thought I’d beat it, but it was still there, so I fought it again, and realised it goes back before my time really, so thats annoying, but then I suppose quite a few aspects of life go back a long way, just that the stupid songs are so annoying really!! LOL XX


  2. My Dear Ogden, I am a very simple guy. I have real difficulty in understanding Art or Poetry. But just going by instincts, Your paintings in this series remind me of the Joke of my Seminary days, when We used to say that Jesus, if He were to return today, would not Recognize the Christians! So Changed are We! And the popes, bishops and priests have Changed His Teachings to mere Begging. 🙂

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    • Yes, your instincts re right, that is pretty much how I see it! I was watching a program on TV yesterday where the king too had bullied the church in medieval times, to get the church’s blessings, and visa versa – lots of corruption in history brought us to where we are now

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  3. My Dear Ogden, this is a general comment. Your colour scheme makes it difficult to read what is written there, at least to Old eyes like mine, (Am reaching 69!). For instance, when the White coloured letters fall on Yellow, it makes things merry! Hope You will do something about this. Regards. 🙂

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