19 thoughts on “New Horizons

  1. Random Meeting made me think of those battlebots (what were they called) in Star Wars, lol. Just the grays, I guess. I love the strange birds…..both of them. Of the eyes, the first one seemed to have evil intent! The second one surprised, like a child. Last eye, well…happy, looked like it was having a good time. Venus? Ah, I know that’s just a dream you have, lol. Really nice Ogden. I love that your art makes me think.

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    • Ha, yes, that is a little Darth Vader-ish! I just liked the “feel” of that image, often these things appear in front of me by chance – I had been tootling along in that vein, and I thought Aha! I like that one enough to post it!

      Those birds, I thought it looked kind of like they were falling from the sky, which would be very odd, maybe an apocalyptic scene?

      The eyes, they were fun! Only the last image took me a bit more traditional sort of work to get right, my working methods include trying to get things to go the way I want, followed by doing the opposite in order to start over – sometimes either method is quickest! 😀

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    • Thanks Dracu, it works that one, i could be tempted to paint it, have you seen Venus by Botticelli? I was thinking of that painting, now I just googled it, I see the hair is going the other way, but that is the picture I was thinking of. Thats the thing, when you are designing something, often one thinks of something seen elsewhere, such as a scene from a film or whatever, and you want to avoid that, cos its narration, (not that following Botticelli is ever a bad idea) rather than originality, (well that is if your trying to do art rather than illustration) not that it matters, its a personal struggle, or part of it, anyhow, I expect you writers get that same thing, “oh bugger, I just re-wrote waiting for Godo” or whatever!! LMAO< this shit happens on ones lunch break, oh the trials of the 1st worlders! 😀

      Don't mind me, I been drinking! 😉

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      • Ah, yes I have seen it. Always good to be inspired by art of the past. Every artist is influenced by someone or something, even Botticelli. But yes I know the struggle – I absorb others’ writing styles all the time but the inspiration comes from so many different directions it’s all good. And then I mash it all up with some of my brand of humor and WHAM it’s another weirdo original story.

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