15 thoughts on “The rest is just a clock –

  1. Very unusual from what I have seen of your pictures as normally you have repetitions on a theme with slightly different shapes and colours emerging in each picture. But here these pictures are all very different from each other. You still haven’t answered my question – are these pictures real canvases or do you just do them on the computer as if they are real canvases where do you put them all? xx

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    • Ah well they all followed on from each other, just via a more wonky route than usual – less focussed probably, perhaps because of the change in seasons, and political climate altering too as parliament reforms after summer hols + brevet nonsense, I find myself wondering what ever next?

      These are all digital pictures, hence only exist in a folder on my computer, I do paint regularly, I keep those in the kitchen, as its quite big! XX


    • I shall have to post some on my Exactica blog, its a struggle tho, cos painting is harder to perfect things, here I’m more loose and easy about what I show.

      You like number 3 – you have dark taste – and thats why I like you! I should maybe paint that one, that would shake people up in a public exhibition! 😀

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      • Yes I’ve always welcomed the darkness. It’s comfy there! Eh, don’t worry about perfecting the painting so much. Just let it go. Right now I’m enjoy the works of Sophia Rapata, creepy artist extraordinaire.

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      • Yes, those are definitely creepy!!

        I have a few on the go, mostly I do have them sorted in a day or 2, but there’s this one I been working on, its taken forever, but its the challenge I like 🙂


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