14 thoughts on “Idiosyncratic Delicious

    • Thanks SB! Glad you liked these, the pink ghost cat was practically a “ready made” It reminded me a bit of the moomintrolls, books of whom I used to read as a kid! LOL They got up to all sorts after dark, tho I don’t remember the details, they were very sweet children stories about moon like nocturnal creatures who enjoyed gardens! 🙂 XX

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      • Heh,heh, yeah, well I was thinking “Cat” just reminded me of moomintrolls too, a lot of people probably forgot them, the illustrations were pretty good, a lot of those children illustrations have an impact, it was my main source of culture back then! 😀 Xx

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    • Thanks CC! That first one reminded me of cute chipmunks kissing – something like that! Do Chipmunks kiss? One would hope so! 🙂 That 2nd one, well it may have been a blow-up and recycle of the first image, but I can’t remember how I came by it, but I liked it! 🙂 XX

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  1. These are really cool Ogden. You know my somewhat demented, and at this point tired, and a little drunk mind saw some very unique things in these, like a face on the back of a fish. But, I just want to say that the last two are really cool and contrasting. The last one looks like someone laying under the water…..very erie and cool at the same time.

    Awesome. xx

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    • Was that number 2-3? I could see that, otherwise, I’m going to have to recommend immediate bedrest!

      The last 2 were the only ones where I actually had time to sit down, have an idea and see it through – its been a busy week for me, also with loss of sleep, the cat brought a dead rat into the bedroom – which had to be dealt with, then later in the night she returned miaowing, and threw up on the floor! That was 2 nights ago, and I still haven’t got my sleep back yet!

      Yeah, I thought she looked like she was underwater, and very serene looking – I just did my drawing then clicked around until something I liked happened 🙂 XX

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      • I’m surprised it’s so serene with dead rats in your bedroom!!!! Ewwww. But I had a cat, and one day she walked in with a live 18″ snake in her mouth. I screamed, she dropped the snake, it slithered under my couch, never to be seen again except for the skin it shed 2 months later in my spider plant. So I know what creepy things cats can do. Not sure which id prefer, a dead rat or a live snake. Lol.

        Yes those were 2 and 3, lol. The face is actually looking a little deranged this morning. I think I’m behind in my sleep too! Xx

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      • There’s a farm over the road from here, I think the rats are poisoned, and she brings them home as fake trophies!! Ha,ha, what a cheat, she dragged a dead rabbit thru the cat door one time – blasted animal! Yeah, rather all those than a live snake tho for me 😉

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