16 thoughts on “Diverse Approbates

      • I’m turning into William Blake, but without the religion! A friend from yrs ago said I was a visionary, maybe I am, but I always tried to suppress it, cos I didn’t want to go mad, but now I’m older and tireder, the cracks are opening up!!

        Having said that, there is a kind of religious element to a lot of what I do, tortured souls, angelic characters etc 😉 XX

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      • You are a visionary, Ogden. I don’t see tortured souls in your work because there is so much positive energy coming from what you do. Perhaps they are angels and if they are, let us hope they bring light to the world. xo

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  1. The depth and complexity in 1 and 3 are magnificent. To my eye, they are literally waiting to be 3D. Same with the detail in the woman. These are photographs? If so, I am way behind; I thought, all along, that you were using “Painter X” or some such. Just wow. ❤

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    • No, no photos used, or 3d software, just the software called “Studio Artist” I had it 10yrs or so now, its become my favourite for “happy accidents” It just makes it easy to compress weeks of work into hours. Trouble with 3d software is it gets too 3d, I love it, but its so hard to be creative rather than exact with it 🙂 XX

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