25 thoughts on “Cabinet of Oddities

      • Hi I am ok, Today was rough but there is hope for better. It is cold and almost dark where I am. winter is coming glad I have a fireplace. How are you?

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      • Yes, it could be worse I expect – I’m feeling as though I’m waiting for a change for the better – perhaps tomorrow will be good – I was at work all day today, so I don’t really enjoy Mondays much. The fire is on, and the cat is laying in front of it 🙂

        I had this friend who used to believe we all experience each day the same way, so if he was having a bad day, then everyone else was too, but then if it was a good day, we could all enjoy that – it was a good theory, I liked it, it felt true, all working on different parts of the same problem, all contributing to the solution 🙂 Xx

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      • That is a good theory. In reality it is true because everyday something happens to everyone good or bad. And everyone whether they know each other or not are trying to fix the problem. Hopefully tomorrow is better. xx

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      • I think he figured it was to do with the alignment of the planets – or kind of Darwinian evolution of human consciousness, as a glass half full type of guy, I can guarantee things are going to get better, sooner or later! 🙂

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      • True things always get better I like to be positive but sometimes I don’t always think that way. But, life goes in circles just as the world turns. Good and bad will always come to us all over and over it is apart of being alive.

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      • Hahah 🙂 That is so true, sitting by the fireplace watching old black and white movies. I am telling myself that it will all be ok. Thinking glass half full instead of half empty.

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