Dancing Yeah!


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      • Ha,ha, well I’m much better at madly jumping about than actual dancing, especially disco, with all the prescribed moves! But thats the way I’d secretly like to dance, (OK its no secret cos I’m always saying it) but it sort of is, cos I don’t think I could ever bring myself to seriously dance the way they used to, u know when they match the styles of partners, roll poly hand movements and pointing skywards etc! LMAO, hard to believe all that really happened, but it sure did! Personally, my heaven would be to dance to the BeeGees Stayin’ Alive, in an Elvis suit, it just seems “So Right” πŸ˜€

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      • Sounds like me – I like to embarrass my friends at dance nights! But yes, secretly I study the moves on that show Soul Train and the movie Saturday Night Fever. I know that one day I’ll be a true disco queen. I wish my dad still had his old disco suits! Wowza. I hope your heaven comes true! Haha.

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      • Ha,ha, I have a friend who was so good at doing that outrageous dancing, girls just fell bits when he started!! A guy at school was into disco back in the day, he had a white suit, but in my memory it was defo a full on Elvis Jump Suit! Those things were the bomb for walking down the high street on a saturday night!! (Fever style of course) Ha,ha,ha, did anyone ever really disco dance like that? I mean Really?? Of course its the only way to do it, u gots to fling you’re jacket into the crowd!!! LMAO I love it! Its so Me!!!! πŸ™‚ XX

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      • It’s true! Women are almost always impressed by a guy who can DANCE! Gawd I hope people really danced like that. I would love to have been there. Sigh. It’d be amazing if you did your version of a few scenes in Saturday Night Fever. πŸ˜€

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      • Yes, its most unfortunate pour moi!

        I never ever saw anyone dance like that, at least not in real life – we did have a do at school, probably 1979 or 80, we used to have an end of yr do, where the drama students among us would put on a show of talents, this kid, got up there in the whole Travolta white suit and did the whole bit – he was damn good at it too! I don’t know if he went out dancing at discos like that, or if he just did it at some club for loonies, (LOL) Ha,ha, it wasn’t my scene, I used to go to punk do’s, and jump about like a complete idiot – I was loud and proud! People used to avoid me in case I threw up or something, u just never knew what I was gonna do, such a cretin!! I don’t know why I decided to follow that path actually, it was really very unwise. I ran into Nigel, the disco guy a few yrs after school, he seemed like a nice chap πŸ™‚

        Anyhow, Yeah! I already did a dancing Elvis gif, I had it on my MySpace page, 10 yrs ago or something, I dug it out, so it might still be dancing if you click the link – (you have to imagine the song from the BeeGees stayin’ alive to make it work) πŸ™‚ ❀


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      • I was just thinking the funniest thing about the punk scene was we were all so notorious for bad behaviour, and thats what attracted us all to the scene, but you soon found out the people at gigs were quite friendly and polite to each other -we felt we had to stick together, because everyone outside the scene saw us as terrible scurrilous oiks, and we loved that about it, cos it kept it all kind of secret and fun – anyhow, by the time I got involved, disco was already past its sell by date, I was about 12 when it was at its peak, and anyway, as Johnny Rotten said, no kid wanted to look like the BeeGees, they all wanted to look punk – and even he admits he is a fan of the BeeGees – the BeeGees were great! If only they had been punk rockers with attitude, and a proper inability to dance right! πŸ˜€

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      • Hey Dracu! I was just walking round the indoor market an hr or so ago, picking up some bits n bobs when I found myself hooking my thumbs in my belt and doing 3 sideway skips left, 3 right, shake hands out, do a twirl / hand clap and walk on out – all before I even realised they were playing BeeGees Dancing’ over the tannoy!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  1. Love the gif! Too cute. I remember the Myspace days…my account is long gone but man have things changed. I even used to have a Xanga account. It’s funny how we (punk and goth) have similar disco dancing fantasies.

    That’s how it is with most goth people I know – that is, looking rather intimidating to many people but really very sweet people! I know, it IS kind of fun having that outer badass shell. You crazy thing! I can totally picture you going wild at the punk gatherings.

    And as for your dancing in the market, that’s simply adorable! I hope a cute girl was watching. πŸ˜‰


    • I’m way too introverted to disco dance, its only in dreams!! I didn’t really dance physically anyhow in the market, I was really up for it tho! If I’d been in my 20s, and with a bunch of pals I would have done stuff like that, I was bonkers when I was younger, I recall standing on a table in a pretty tough pub and singing the mickey mouse club theme – I think everyone must have thought it was a super confident “come on” or else the actions of a complete imbecile! Oh well, I had to amuse myself somehow!

      Oh Dracu, if your still here – Have you read Shirley Jackson books at all? I was hearing about her on a review the other day, she sounds fab! I read the free sample of it on a download, I’m pretty sure to buy it and read over xmas, I’m pretty sure you’d like her style, she’s dead pan cool, apparently Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and others are all fans, can’t believe I’d not heard of her, bit of a female Edgar Allen Poe I’d have thought.

      Oh I still miss Myspace, pity it all went so horribly wrong, it was ace for about a yr or 18months – I still have a place there, but can’t log in, not even sure I can still find it, that whole network turned into such a fright!! Ha,ha, absolutely krapped out!! πŸ™‚

      Johnny Rotten admits to liking the BeeGees, and one of their top songs was based on an ABBA tune! Who’d have thunk it!?! πŸ˜€


      • I was singing along to that BeeGees song that day on the market, and I was thinking oh yeah, I love this one! Its not the BeeGees tho, but then I realised it WAS indeed the BeeGees! I like them far more than I care to admit!! Damn it, I should have been a Disco man!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ❀

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      • You, introverted? The internet diminishes the introvert in all of us.
        Aww. When I see people open up in public whether it be dancing, singing, or anything cheerful, it puts a smile to my face and I don’t forget it. Let loose! Too many are afraid of what others will think of them. If you think about it though, it should be easier to be outgoing with strangers and act weird because you’ll probably never see them again anyway!
        Thanks so much for the Shirley Jackson tip – no I have not read anything from her, though I have heard of her. Nice to have a reminder. If those other authors are fans and I love their writing then I will definitely add her to my list. She was actually just mentioned in this book I’m reading on how to write good horror fiction.
        Johnny Rotten…so did YOU have a special punk name back in time?

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      • I have my moments for dancing, not lately much, but if I’m liking the music I do my bit πŸ™‚

        When I was much younger, I’d stand on the edges (Local disco’s were dire!) but only cos the music was so dire, I really loved punk, so then I’d be up and at it! Then yrs later, I’d go out dancing with friends just for fun, any old music really just going wit the flow – after that I don’t think I danced for yrs till VNV Nation came out, their live music shows are all about dancing, so you’d look a bit out of place if you didn’t – which wasn’t a problem anyhow cos couldn’t resist! Maybe next time they come round I’ll do that again πŸ˜€

        Oh that book, the one they talked about is called ~ We have always lived in the castle ~ I read the free sample of it, and I was just thinking “Lauren would love this!”

        Ha,ha, no, I didn’t have a punk name, I might have liked one, it was the punk stars of the day that all had the cool names, I suppose it was Iggy Pop who started all that with the names, thats a great name to have! I once read a biog on him by Danny Sugerman, actually it was about Jim Morrison, but Iggy Pop lived with him and got included, quite an amazing book actually, astonishing lifestyle! Talk about reckless!! πŸ˜€

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      • I’m pretty sure I have some VNV Nation songs added to my goth girls workout playlist. πŸ™‚

        I added the castle book to my list of books to read, thank you! It looks great. I’ve also been meaning to check out some books on Jim Morrison. Jim and Iggy sound like a wicked duo!

        I was thinking about my goth acquaintances’ special names: Boo, Pallidity, Ophelia, Cybil Disobedience, and Sir Connell. I don’t have a special goth name because I’m some kind of strange hybrid girl. I do remember a kid from high school who called himself “The Lord of Darkness,” hehe.

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      • That reminds me, I need to purchase that book – been so damn busy, hardly get time to read these days!

        I love the goth scene, full of freaks and fruitcakes, and some genuinely weird people too!!! ❀

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