OMG, this has just taken me way too long to sort out, I did this drawing, that took about like 2mins to do, then I messed about in some software and saved out about 500 images, all of which I liked – then I – oh yeah, this was some bird I saw when I was out, so I thought I’d do a landscape then ended up drawing her, cos she was so pretty, and anyhow, I did all these 500+ versions with the software, layering and distorting, adding effects and stuff and it all looked really great, then I had to whittle them down to like one or 2 images, but I couldn’t really bare it, so I did like 100 or something, for this slide show, then I wanted some sounds for it, so I tried various synths and stuff that I have, and it was all just crap, cos I’m no good in those things, so in the end, I used that app on the iPod thing, disco turds or something its called, anyhow, I really dig that sound, so here is this thing that I did, so many pretty girls about, what can you do? Its Β enough to drive a young man insane I should imagine, if I was indeed a young man – well its just a passing fancy, I’m not going medieval on her arse or anything, but I definitely do have an eye for a pretty girl! πŸ™‚













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  1. Aha. Wondered what you were about. Being the man, you were. And, you are. Earthy electro-pop, too. And, she probably hardly knew how pretty she was. Black and white, no less. Yes; thank you for this, OF. Have been wanting to walk up to a boy, lately, and say: “I objectify you, with all my heart.” You do it, so sweetly. XO

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    • Yes, thats probably true – she had the look of someone who just wanted to blend in, but my brain was re-wiring itself at 1000 miles per hr! Oh my! I’d pose as a gay, just to rummage thru her underwear draw, I’m a total freak for certain women, there’s something sadly lacking in my brain which even I can’t “mansplain!” πŸ˜€ ❀ xx

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      • I’ve heard it said that women who are totally un-self-conscious are the most attractive to men. A sort of oblivious purety. I have a friend, a very handsome older man, very passionate, very brilliant and talented, who just gets utterly obsessed with sweetness in a young woman. And, the ones he singles out are completely unaware that the two people (myself, and him) merely three feet away are looking upon them with admiration. He also was the first to tell me that it’s men who fall deeply in love; he said women are pragmatics, weighing all the various qualities, but that it’s men who are the true romantics, the ones who truly adore and idolize. I say it’s because he’s Italian and Irish, and just can’t help himself!

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      • Thats an interesting theory, I should imagine men who love unselfconscious women are looking for girls, not women – or else it means they like very self confident women, who appear to be indomitable – I can see how that is attractive, tho a bit unassailable! Like when you approach a women and she says (coldly) “Entertain me” ha,ha, saw that in a film somewhere I think!

        Yes, its nice to watch young women and girls who are happy in themselves, of course! πŸ™‚

        I think he’s probably right about the pragmatic nature of women, you can however get them to blow their own cover on occasion! No one likes to be overlooked do they.

        I was just thinking today while out and about (I read your comment earlier) I was thinking about how in social situations connections are made dependant on what is going on in our brains, what connections seem to occur and either match or conflict, its all so very unpredictable – but then if your meeting someone with whom you have common ground, such as an agreement on some philosophical / spiritual level, then the scope for further development of a relationship is surely advanced considerably? Not necessarily tho, because the level of trust and self belief is more important in the first example than i the 2nd, so perhaps it all evens out in both cases? Xx

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      • You are a wonderful philosopher. I’m so grateful that you reply to me so thoughtfully. Have I ever told you that? More and more, as I indulge this phase of my Coming of Aged, looking back over my shoulder at a lifetime of observations….I think that I have decided that the universe is incomprehensibly vast to us specs of organic material, and that innumerable factors lead to our convergences with the opposite sex. Mutual paramount need is probably a biggie; two people, in need of precisely the same thing at the same time. They find each other, because that need drives them into each other’s arms. OR: ONE, usually the passive one, has a paramount need, and the other has a different one which renders conquest inevitable. What’s really beautiful is when the two have a mutual need which is based in deep sustainable health – and, they latch on, and end up calling it 50 years of happy marriage. Those are the lucky ones. Rare, but lucky.

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      • Beautiful put! David Bowie sang “Inspiration have I none, just to touch the flaming dove”

        I went and saw live music last night where the guy sang –

        Creeps a keep crawling, drunks a keep falling
        Teasers keep a-teasing, holy Joes are preaching
        Cops just keep busting, hustlers keep a-hustling
        Death just keeps knocking, souls are up for auction
        Ain’t no use in praying that’s the way it’s staying, baby
        Johnny ain’t so crazy, he’s always got a line for the ladies, yeah, yeah, yeah

        πŸ™‚ ❀

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      • Ahh……..the flaming dove…..he, and our beloved Leonard Cohen, whose tribute I have yet to write because I just can’t summon the energy. I wanted to add: On the passive one’s note, I think the one who takes advantage gets his/her needs met, but to the detriment of the hopeful if deluded passive one, who only gets the life sucked out. Pun unavoidable.

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      • Some WordPress.com templates are easy, that way, and others not. I chose the dorky one from 2013 which is a simple figure to ground, to reflect my massive egocentricity and to make my grasping for commentary even more accessible. ❀ πŸ˜‰

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    • Ha,ha, bit naughty of me to call it that – I just couldn’t be bothered to remember the title! The software is called iKaossilator, its on the iPad – its real easy to use, you just select patterns and record out what you do with an audio cable, bloody good fun at times, get some right weird noises out of it, only thing I didn’t alter was the beat, so it sounds like I have the slightest idea what I’m doing!!

      Well, she flashed her eye at me, only for less than a second really while pretending to be looking behind me a way off! Thats what happens, when you do that, the guy then goes off and does over 500 images, and posts 100 or so of them on WP for extended discussion of said moment! πŸ˜€

      Yeah, viva her! I don’t suppose I shall ever see her again, but if I do, I’ll probably be murdered! Ah well, I expect I have it coming sooner or later! ❀


  2. Sounds kool! I don’t have an iPad but eventually I’d like to get a nice synthesizer and some other equipment. You did great!

    Hehe, yes I suppose some of us women do know how to use our special powers. Sounds like a good movie plot to me!

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    • We definitely need more stories about When Artists go Mad! Portrait of Jenny was a good one, more than a bit dated tho, I like a good spook story πŸ™‚

      You can get the Kaossilator as a stand alone gadget, on the iPad its great cos its only about Β£5, you can get emulated versions of synths for a fraction of the hardware prices.Everyone loves the older analogue synths, all those valves and archaic stuff sounds and looks amazing πŸ™‚


      • Have you seen the movie Big Eyes? It’s a Tim Burton film about the artist Margaret Keane and how her jealous husband tried to take credit for all of her work. It’s great! Don’t know if you have Netflix but it’s on there.
        I’ll have to mention this to my guy, too – he’s a total gearhead and he may want to add this to his list.

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      • Oh Dracu, I was just riding home on my motorbike thinking about this conversation, one thing I hadn’t really thought of – How much things have changed since I was young! Back then, in ye olden days, we didn’t have clubs for dancing, not as we do now, there was no club scene, not in our town anyhow, it was more like a local disco, and that wasn’t exactly Studio 54, more like a local church hall, or back room of a pub. If you were stimulated by the scene, you could ask a girl for a dance, if she agreed, there would ordinarily be a fight, followed by a wedding! It just wasn’t my scene back then – it wasn’t till the mid 80’s that there were clubs in the town for more outgoing persons, but even then it was still a pretty mainstream crowd, only when rave came along in the 90s it got more interesting πŸ˜€

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  3. Traditional “Clubbing” was never my thing, though I have been dragged out to a few circa 2007. My choice as you know would be Funky Town, our retro club. When I did go to regular clubs it was mainly girls in shiny crop tops, belly button rings, and mini skirts grinding with one another on the floor with salivating guys trying to butt in. I remember one gothy small concert I went to where an elder goth looking like Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula was there in his cape, top hat, and little round glasses. He would “ask” girls to dance with them by removing his top hat, twirling it around and placing it on the head of the chosen female. He certainly had some unusual moves. πŸ˜€

    Ah, the rave scene. I was a bit too young to enjoy that when it peaked, though I did sport the fashion for sure. My mother was just talking yesterday about those huge wide-legged pants I used to wear.

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    • Sounds like you got a good goal scene going on there, near me is a club called The Corporation, people let it all hang out there, I go and see dancey industrial stuff, it was great when VNV Nation were on, dancing right to the back, I love it when that happens, all the room as one, its a great feeling πŸ™‚

      That Rave thing was so fun, all of a sudden, loads of people who never really wanted to dance were all getting into it, weird how that happened, it was the most popular people movement for a decade or more!

      The girls at the corporation all wear PVC outfits, and the short skirts and stomper boots, I love all that! Its a fantasy world where you can be was you want to be, I guess it all goes back to the “Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes” thing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Gotta love fashion!


      • If you get to go and see VNV Nation its well worth the trip, the singer is a great performer, I was at a do a yr or 2 ago, everyone was dancing except some folk on the little balcony, he begged them to join in! He was going “Please, Please!!” Just so the whole place was involved πŸ™‚ Ha,ha, I never saw any other band with such good rapport πŸ™‚


      • You need to learn that industrial dancing style, then. Just think “angry cheerleaders” and you’ve got it! πŸ˜› I love to see a whole crowd dance, too. That’s nice that the VNV singer tries so hard to get everyone involved. Does he have some killer dance moves, too?

        And with ravers there was that whole PLURR mantra which was lovely. Pity you didn’t get to go to a real rave. Omgahh, shell suits? I had to google that one. Amazing! Simply amazing. I think I need one.

        Sounds like a great club with lots of eye candy! That’s a special old song that’s on my personal playlist.


      • Ha,ha, Industrial dance styles aren’t real dancing at all IMO! OR at least, if you’re gona dance like a total freak ball, you best be good! I saw it done well once or twice, it takes a lot of (misplaced) confidence to adopt that style!

        Singer out of VNV isn’t really a great dancer, Scooter are more dancey than VNV, but the good thing about VNV is the following is way cooler – I think its cos of their lyrics, people feel they know them, there’s a lot of love in the room when they play!

        Well, those people in the shell suits! Ha,ha, so funny, it would be strange to go back in time and see everyone wearing those again πŸ™‚

        I wasn’t really into the rave scene, but I did listen to the music on the radio, it was a good scene, I wasn’t too old for it, just into other things really. I joined a protest when the government clamped down on all that, claiming it was too dangerous or some BS, it was a very oppressive government.

        I love all that eye candy! In the days of punk the girls used to dress like total whores! It was fab, god knows what their dads thought when they went out like that! Ha,ha, the struggle goes on!! The girls on the industrial scene are more free in a way I think, they just seem to enjoy looking sexy, in the old days that look was a kind of sarcastic protest, it still is in some way, making a statement and playing with conceptions, but its less shocking these days and more for fun IMO

        Hope you have a good time on NYE Drac! πŸ™‚ Xx

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    • Some of those outfits that people wore at raves, dayglo stuff! LOL I think it was just the opportunists cashing in selling that stuff – there was an all night illegal rave in the next building to me when I was working nights, we couldn’t go cos we were all locked in due to the fire alarm thing wouldn’t let us out till 7am, just as the party goers next door were winding it all down – that was about the closest I came to going to a proper rave!

      Lot of people used to wear shell suits back then, and gold chains to look gangsta! LMAO! There were some sights to see!!


  4. I enjoy watching industrial dancing. There was this guy who called himself Tank that would industrial dance in very public places, sometimes with other dancers. It was hilarious watching people walk by.
    Whoa, I would have loved to see you protesting your heart out.
    Haha, for sure! I’m not into women but I can sure appreciate their outfits. My mother wanted to try on my goth platform boots and dreadlock extensions at one point. I have some great pics! I have a close friend now who has no problem with looking sexy 100% of the time. I don’t know how she does it – every day it’s 100% awesome dramatic makeup and false eyelashes, and she pretty much wears lingerie with corsets and boots, the whole works. 24/7…Me, if I so much as wear a pencil skirt to work with a blouse, the minute I get home it’s straight into the pajama pants and robe.
    Happy New Year!

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    • Happy New Year to you too!

      I used to sport some black PVC trousers in happier times! In all honesty, they made my legs look thin, these days I wear leather, but I can get away with it cos I ride motorbikes – I was in a shopping centre today and a fancy looking black lady was smiling at me, quite often people take a fancy to a chap in leathers! Quite funny really, I almost forget I’m a walking sex bomb, just out there doing normal stuff, and some one is looking on thinking ZOMG!!!

      Well I sure wish I was better looking than I am, I’d like to have some wavy curls, blonde of course, a handle bar moustache, leather waistcoat, leather chap trousers, ladies high heels (what else) loads of tatts, just stonking it thru town, women falling pregnant as I pass by!

      I love dramatic make up on women, I knew a few punk girls used to do that, I found it hypnotic! Thing is tho, wth most people it was a social movement, and a protest fro change, everyone had their reasons – I was thinking about how different everyone was, someone would be rebelling cos they didn’t like their dad, or cos they thought there wasn’t enough world peace, they hated the church, the hippies, grown ups in general, in fact grown ups were fed up of everything too at that time, it was a time of social upheaval and change in how we all lived and worked, a lot of us were unemployed, it was cool to be one of the unemployed, but it was also crap! Everything was crap! Everyone drank cider cos it was cheap, then belched it up later!

      I was thinking back this morning, there was a local clinic, where mums used to take babies to be weighed, or get your teeth fixed or whatever, anyhow, it closed down and fell to ruin, these local punk kids used to meet up down there, they set fire to it and smashed all the windows, spray painted all over it with obscene slogans and crap – probably thought it was cool, I just thought “Cant say I like what you done with the old place!” but at the same time anything that was an affront to the older generation seemed to be worthwhile, cos they thought we should all get our hair cut and smarten up, yawn! πŸ˜€


  5. Haha, I also used to have some black pvc trousers and, just as you said, they do wonders to thin the legs. The only time I wore them out I got invited back stage to hang out with this gothy band. It was definitely the pvc. πŸ˜‰ You are hilarious! Walking sex bomb. That lady will be fantasizing for years to come! Interesting, your ideal sexy Ogden vision – blonde, eh? Mustache and lots of leather. Tatted up! Too cool for school. I like hearing about these images people have. One of my gothiest, most beautiful friends who looks like a gorgeous corpse is madly in love with Taylor Swift’s look and thinks she is the most beautiful woman ever. If I had it my way I’d also have more tattoos, probably be taller and rocking the best styles of the 70s with hair down to my booty.

    If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. πŸ˜€ It’s funny some the things people are pissed about. Myself, I’m a peaceful type. I left Facebook after Trump got elected because I couldn’t stand all the negativity I was seeing. I’ll be back but I felt like it wasn’t healthy to be exposed to all of that nastiness at this time. Friendships dissolved, messages of hate…so very angry. We have the power to change the environment we exist in and in my opinion it’s not through blame, aggression, stress. It’s through being compassionate and loving. Not saying that people feeling sad, angry, and scared is not valid. It’s okay to be upset! Being an asshole is not. Finding health and happiness inside of ourselves and being responsible for ourselves, to find harmony and a sense of calm…radiating these vibes affects others profoundly.

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    • Ha,ha, yeah, I was probably thinking of someone from “Sons of Anarchy” (not that I ever watched it properly) I ride a nice big chopper style motorbike, but I think of myself as more like “the gimp” in pulp fiction when I’m on the bike, ha,ha, probably just revealing my own insecurity there, a lot of people probably think I’m tough, I can carry that off fine enough, until someone threatens me, then its “Not the Face!! Not the Face!!!” HA,ha πŸ™‚

      I just googled Taylor Swift! Yeah I heard of her, just not been paying much attention – I have never really had fav women stars in my sights, well not since I was a nipper, I liked Debbie Harry, Kate Bush, and Mrs Baxter (school teacher) You probably not heard of her, but she used to tip scent down there cleavage, then lean over you while you were writing at your desk, she really encouraged me in my work!! She smelled great!! I love beautiful women tho, I’m just mad for women that I can communicate with non verbally – I just dig women, I like their ways, for me its a guessing game I’ll never win, I think they like to watch me flounder about! I get a lot out of it somehow, I don’t really know what I’m on about, but I enjoy it anyhow πŸ™‚

      FB< OMG< its going to hell lately, I just followed a link from there tonight and found myself in a bad place, its all coming out the woodwork, its nasty, and you're right, the solution is not hatred and fear – you're pretty cool Dracu, and pretty pretty too! πŸ™‚ Xx

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      • I’ve heard of that show. Just looked it up and it’s something I might fancy, especially knowing it’s got Charlie Hunnam. The gimp, ha! That’s what makes the best characters – people expecting one thing and that’s not what you get. πŸ˜‰

        Mrs. Baxter, now that’s a riot! I think everyone surely remembers a teacher they had the hots for. I liked one of my middle school English teachers, Mr. McKinney. He encouraged me with my creative writing. At the time he was just a dapper fella, probably in his late thirties. Oh for sure, some women love knowing the power they have over a gentleman who’s obviously gaga over them. Teasing is a special art!

        Huh, kind of surprising to hear – I’d have figured your friend base on FB is mostly European. I know there’s strong opinions about our new leader no matter where you’re from, though. In fact I was just on Instagram and saw a Japanese fella who makes cat wigs…he created a Trump wig for his kitty and definitely made a little statement with his caption, ha! Well thank you, Mister! You’re not so bad yourself. πŸ™‚

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      • Oh my! Mrs Baxter was the bees knees!! I was only about 12, the edict came from above that all the boys (in the interests of equality) had to do cookery and needlework, and all the girls had to do woodwork and metalwork! Iv’e never been the same since! Mrs Baxter was the needlework teacher, she would lean over you (if you were lucky) and help with your macrame (or whatever the f*ck we were supposed to be doing) LOL Anyhow yeah, she’d lean over, and thrust her bust right under your nose – I’d be trippin’ for the next 26mins! Seriously, I can remember the perfume and body heat, she was the best! ❀ ❀ Mrs Baxter! Wherever you are – I still love you!! ❀

        Oh yeah, I got loads of USA friends, and I see some weird things posted by them, but over here its just as bad – someone posted something about how its "Hell on earth in Birmingham" (UK) So I thought, oh, I something I should know about? So I clicked to learn, and it turned out to be a bunch of racist inspired claptrap – never used to see stuff like that – strange times we live in, not very social at all!

        Oh yeah, Trump, what a nitwit, his proclamations have reverberated round the world, I think its the sole reason he makes them up, he knows he'll make the front page, how will it all end? Politics is going low these days!

        Hope you're going to post again soon Dracu, I watched the film "Gothic" by Ken Russell this aft, its totally bonkers, got a great house in it, and lot of poets and creative types taking laudanum, and going nuts! Ha,ha, love Ken Russell, I remember your blog about the old house, I loved that piece, I'm crazy about stuff like that! XXO

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  6. Mrs. Baxter’s perfumey tits really made an impact. πŸ˜‰ If I even had cleavage I would try spritzing some down there! It doesn’t matter now, anyway. My gentleman is allergic to all that perfume stuff and even some essential oils bother him, so I haven’t been using any or even using scented laundry detergent. I miss smelling like patchouli.

    The media sometimes makes things worse. Oh, the drama! Yeah, the old “bad publicity is better than no publicity,” hmmph.

    Right now I’m concentrating on projects I’d like to get published, so the blog is still on hold. 2017 is going to be prolific. You know me, it takes nearly a week to even receive a reply!

    Oh yeah? I just looked that up and it came out the year I was born, heh! Thank you, glad it “stuck!” One goal this year is to complete a dark poetry collection. Once that’s underway I expect I’ll be sharing some more goodies on the ‘ole blogosphere.

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    • I love it on women in the street, when a woman marches by and her scent is on the airwaves its so mystical and sensual, but to be confined with it is something different altogether. Mrs Baxter tho, I’d gladly excuse any and all whiffs! She was small, and stocky, as I recall she wore tight fitting dresses, cut around the knee, low cut at the front, she stuffed herself into them if you know what I mean! Must have been a push up bra, lets face it, the best kind! She was blonde, poor woman, the best looking in the school IMO, its not easy for women! Funny to think back, for middle school teachers, 12 yr old boys are your evaluators – how can that work out? Well from my perspective it was working out just fine, I don’t know how she could lean over my shoulder and position her cleavage under my eyes, but either she managed it – or I did! (With my swivel eyes!!) πŸ˜€

      You know I was saying earlier, if the media wasn’t as it is, we’d probably still have distant political leaders like we did yrs ago, you ask them a question and they umm and ah, puff their pipe and mumble some random incomprehensible answer, and thats just political news for that week! Happy days πŸ™‚

      Oh that film, it was crazy, I kind of half watched it while doing some other stuff, its so crazy, but great as a source of creative nonsense mashed up ideas that don’t work, but kinda do, in a crazy Ken Russell way! HE was a great director, everyone says he’s underrated, and he surely is!

      Ye must douse yourself in patchouli! Patchouli is the spice! Oh how I love that stuff, I’m quite sensitive to smells, but that is one sexy unique element – the essential oils, those too are intoxicants – godammit, I love to be intoxicated!

      I have a bit of a thing about Gabriel Byrne, and all the characters in the film Gothic to be fair, I just love that “abandon all sanity” thing that goes on in the film, I’m a natural actor, quite devoid of core being, my core being is probably a wasabi nut for all I know, its that thing where pretence becomes real, and real becomes pretence, brilliant! I think I saw Gabriel Byrne play a priest more than once, Priests tend to freak me out, its just the most Goth thing to be, one ought to be dressed in black, have black hair, black eyes, and a bit of a screwed up view of sex, for my money, its a recipe for a good yarn – but I digress, he’s not a priest in the film, he’s a poet, which is probably better, but I’m waffling now, its a great period of history, where they had Shelly and Byron, and Mary Shelly, all together in a house, during a thunder storm, what more could anyone need! Good times!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      • On the flip side, I have yet to experience that scent phenomenon with a man. Maybe one day I’ll encounter a scent that will hypnotize me. It would probably need to be called β€œEnchanted Forest.” The way you describe Mrs. Baxter is most excellent! Teachers…they can leave lasting impressions. πŸ˜‰
        Indeed. Now it’s all cozy and personal and flying around all over the place, like on Twitter. Even if you don’t have Twitter, you’ll hear it from somewhere else about who twitted what out of their twat!
        Haha, you just need to live in an opium den it sounds like. And hey, are you trying to feed me a new story idea about a priest? You know I’m googoo over gothic, though my tastes are really all over the place these days. By the way my apartment manager had critter control come out. They found a ton of bats that were hibernating in the wall behind my bed. I’d been hearing these noises. Imagine that!

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      • I love goth stuff, I like the weirdy things of the world – u know those pictures of dogs playing snooker? I think I’d like to do a series of outrageously bad animo-human diabolicals!

        Have you ever come across the Stephen King book “Desperation”? Jesus, thats a freaking crazy book, the creatures in it are unimaginable, kind of like an abstract painting, made from living organs!! Arghh!

        Bats! Thats amazing! Here they are protested, if you have them on your property, its tough! You can’t touch em – or so I understand, I think they are rarer here, or perhaps its just some species, we have them in our garden each night, I don’t know where they live, but they hunt insects at night, doing the old circular flight, they probably come from the farm over the road.

        I can hardly wait for you to write again! ITs driving me nuts, I’m on the edge of my seat, I keep falling off!!

        Oh I should defo live in an opium den, I’m a lazy bastard, I could So mulch out permanently! I was watching that Nico documentary, there was some hobo in one episode in NY, obviously been off his rocker for decades, old friend of hers and Warhol crowd, what a generation they were – what ever happened to so and so? Oh, he’s a hobo! Lives in a cardboard box, collects tin cans, reminds me of that poem, “The best minds of my generation” and all that, so true! Weird int it, but ya gotta dabble, get your feet wet, its all good fun! ❀

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      • Yes I know the doggy poker picture. πŸ˜€ I’ll be waiting for your version!

        I haven’t come across that Stephen King book, actually. I’ve read quite a few of the popular ones but not Desperation. Sounds like The Thing!

        Yes here it is illegal to handle or kill the bats, so they must wait for them to leave in April and then they’ll seal up the holes outside. Lately with the weather being so warm I can hear them stirring. Be still, my heart!

        Bahaha, I’m sorry to dangle you along! I must power through so I can become a paid writer! It’s my hope to somehow make more of a living off of my writing.

        I’ve been feeling antsy lately like I need to pack up and live out of a van or something, go travel around. Would be great for my writing. Not so great for my wallet right now, though!

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      • I think empty wallets are what keep a lot of us at home – I do find it a bit of a hassle to be travelling, cos I like to have home comforts, but then if you don’t go nowhere, you literally go nowhere too! I think my plan shall be, pop out, do some crazy batshit mad stuff, then come home, reap the benefits, and go on that a way!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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      • I don’t know if I’ll get around to the dogs playing snooker thing – I do scrape the barrel tho from time to time!

        Good luck with getting more paid work, where there’s a will theres a way! πŸ™‚

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      • I sure hope to get more traveling in but I have a health issue that makes it inconvenient for the time being. I’ll be able to take a road trip with my gentleman this summer to the desert and possibly get in one more short trip this year, maybe to a spa. Definitely a lot less stressful than flying! We’ll be sure to do some β€œbatshit mad stuff” and I’ll report about it!

        And thanks, I’ve been sitting on my booty far too long and not being as serious as I could be with my skills.

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      • Oh yes, creativity is so peculiar, I find sometimes it really is beneficial to step back for a while, even for an extended period, its so very odd to find that can work. Maybe its to do with getting out of a rut, but it really feels like its more than that – sometimes I try way too hard, digging myself deeper into the same mode of thought, then when I finally stop with that, walk away, (and I mean really walk from it) when I come back to my work, – things have actually moved on, or been processed so that ultimately, doing nothing has been part of the evolution! Weird, ‘go figure’ as they say? But tis true! Sometimes it works – recently I had something like it, its as if pushing too hard is headway, but then I got to walk away, perhaps if I’d just been more relaxed and paced it, I’d have got there anyhow, but sod it, I’m a desperate man!! πŸ˜‰

        The desert sounds ace! I was thinking about the American desert myself today It think it was, I probably caught your vibe! Yeah, I was just thinking about all that, the big spaces, the brain boiling heat, I love it when a film or a book takes me there! πŸ˜€

        I hope you have a super trip! πŸ™‚ Xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • I agree. Need to give that brain a break and clear the slate. Sometimes I’ll put a poem or story away for up to a year and come back to it with a fresh eye. I guess that’s a bit extreme but when you go away for that long and then read it again, you start getting really excited about it. A year away is more experiences, travels, dreams, and inspirations to tap from. I hope you’re feeling satisfied with your latest work. πŸ™‚

        Thank you, it’s not until late May but I’m already there in spirit! I’m in love with the colors of the desert and I prefer warm climates.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes I am, thanks! It amazes me all the more when its art, I was thinking I just about had it with that painting, I’d tried everything, Let the brain settle, and then come back, and bingo! Its all coming together! Amazing πŸ™‚

        I bet ya can’t hardly wait! I know I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for better weather here, there’s a few places I’m looking forward to going, I daydream at work about going to far flung places πŸ˜€

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