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Source: Dracula!


12 thoughts on “Dracula!

    • Ha,ha, it crossed my mind people might think I was drunk or high when I wrote this! Honestly, I thought the whole thing up when I was operating a machine at work – my mind wanders into a kind of meditative trance of pointlessness! One day I shall give that job up and do something more worthwhile, but at the moment its ok 🙂

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      • I saw this on your art site, not the exactica blog…so I didn’t see any words, lol. I have now read the whole post and see that you were quite descriptive about how your mind works, lol. Still…it’s a little weird, but so aren’t we all. I would probably not want to write everything about where my mind is going, not quite brave enough, lol. But you do it fearlessly and the outcome is always honest and entertaining!

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    • At work really is about only time I do that, its a very repetitive job, so I tend to think and rethink during those hrs chained to thee olde machine! I been doing that job a while now, and my mind tends to drift all the more, so much so that I forget to do essential things and mess the work up!

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