25 thoughts on “January Weak

      • Ha,ha, which was that? It could be subconscious perhaps?

        Meredith is from the book “We have always lived in the Castle” which is by Shirley Jackson – its a gothic horror novel, it reminds me most of the Bette Davis film “Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte” which is an old fav of mine, totally spoiled and awful woman, and yet with a loveable streak wider than her lunacy (which was considerable!) We need more stories like that! Ha,ha, I love all those old crazy films, I shall have to see “Whatever happened to Baby Jane” I’m really up for anything like that.

        I was listening to some book reviews on the radio, they said that Shirley Jackson was very influential, I haven’t read anything so unique for years 🙂

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      • Bette Davis is an awesome performer, but the book is stronger – more immersive, as books tend to be – but its more than that, she is a very skilled writer, its really very surprising how deep she goes into her world! 🙂 XX

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