25 thoughts on “Titania

  1. This time, my faves are one, four, five, seven……four seems like she’s looking through a grating, and what is it, five? her face suddenly a pallor…..amazing how distinctive each becomes when treated differently. How DO you DO this??

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    • Aha, you also have multiple choices! Me too, I couldn’t for the life of me discard any – yeah, they just kept coming – all I do is layer, and use the multiply layer, edge techniques, overlays etc, then I ran filters on them, thus one picture becomes 7+ its all maths, there’s RGB options v’s LHS, YIQ etc, every colour is a mathematical formula, and it multiplies one method by another, or subtracts and so on, very often the results are as pleasing or more so than the original! 🙂 XX

      Oh yeah, the “bars” thing, came up on some menu, and I liked that too, maybe I could place something else i the picture, like a tree branch, it just sets a new layer or level of viewing don’t it 🙂

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      • I’ll bet. I have all the tablet and software stuff for Painter X and to draw with a stylus, but it’s so intimidating I’ve never even cracked it! You are bold, and fearless, and wildly imaginative — keep on, please! XO


      • I have Painter X too, but I can’t make hardly head or tail of it! I need a book to learn it, feel pretty annoyed really, cos it has a big learning curve, I haven’t had to negotiate one for many years, and I’m not about to start all that again now!

        The guy who is behind the Studio Artist software was one of the originators of Apples highly successful program “Final Cut Pro” he really knows his stuff, I don’t really use it the way its designed, but its just got so many super smart features. Someone reviews it as being remarkably serendipitous to use, thats how I use it too, its great fun, especially when things get going! XXO

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    • Thanks Paula, I’m not sure where I was going or what I was looking for, it began with a few blobs or patches on the screen that looked sort of like a face, so I just ran with it for a few days – its a little over-worked I think, but that was necessary, or else she wouldn’t have got finished at all, I may yet go back to the original and work some more, I love it when an idea comes out of nowhere like that, I like to think it could be some sub-conciouss thing. I called her Titania, after the fairy queen, but I read that in fact, the fairy queen is nameless, Shakespeare called her Titania just so she had a name! I think thats pretty interesting and cool, I don’t know much about fairy lore, I shall have to look into it all 🙂


  2. I like the one with bars the best. It doesn’t look like jail. It looks like she’s looking out a window that has slatted blinds on it. Like it’s dark, she’s trying not to be seen. Maybe I’ve been reading too much of Laurels dark and twisty stuff. Lol.

    The second from last one gives me the creeps, lol. Like she turned into some evil demon! The rest are somewhere in between.

    But they’re all crazy weird! Which you know I like!!!

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    • Oh yeah, you’re right, the 2nd to last was the one I thought was different, I’d said no7, but it was 8! I thought she looked both frightened, and frightening, which is weird!!

      Yeah, I liked the bars / slatted blinds type one too, I’m thinking of experimenting more with that, maybe overlay a photos of tree branches, I just need it to stop raining and I;ll get out wit hey camera! 🙂 Xx

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