Funky Rabbit






17 thoughts on “Funky Rabbit

    • Thanks Paula! People at work tell me I’m very laid back and unflappable, I used to be quite manic, but these days it all goes into the art!

      I been loving your work lately too – The focus on that last one was perfect, and the colours were divine, so sensitive! It does you a lot of good credit ❤


  1. I really dug that last one, I might tart it up some more, I like the idea of a severed head in a kind of psychedelic garden of weird flowers, I love imagery that has some heavy ambiguous meaning! The others tho, they do have a lovely sensuality, they were practically ready made, jus clicking about and magnifying areas, I can’t alter stuff like that much, it either works or it don’t, if I do much to them they lose that quality and get overworked – unless I can find a work around – I do love sensuality tho ❤

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