28 thoughts on “Carmen

  1. You’ve got a Warhol kind of thing happening in this and past few series Ogden….variations on a theme! Are these digital manipulations of an original painting by you? Whatever, very kool results…

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    • Its all digital, I draw something then use warps and stretches and layers and filters till it looks ok! Often things get darker as a side effect of the layers, or else it could be that contrasts hit my senses harder – I set out to do something softer in all honesty! Cheers John!

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    • Ah yes, the colours were pared down due to some settings I was using – Warhol is very un-spiritual, but then I suppose you could argue he’s created a mystery with that mostly absence of spirit! I think I read somewhere he actually was very Catholic. I always want to see spirituality in my artworks, so I’m happy with that! 🙂


    • I’m always pleased with the variety that appears when working, its extraordinary – or more specifically, the human face is sure an extraordinary subject! Someone talking on a radio station I like the other day mentioned humans express themselves with the part of their body known as the face! Well, yeah, true! Body language, thats great too – in fact any communication is a miraculous thing, funny how we take it for granted as kids, (or I certainly did) and then suddenly it seems so amazing! And it is! 😀 ❤

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    • Thats going back a bit, yeah, her hair was amazing! Pity I never got to know her better, I went to a house party at her place, everyone got so drunk it was insane! totally off the scale, it was after a works xmas booze up, crap place to work, but the best laugh ever! She liked electro music, and romance, and I liked punk rock, and stupidity! LOL She told me my attitude was appalling, but I know she secretly loved me madly! 😉 Well, there’s beauty in the unapproachable, or something! ❤

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