20 thoughts on “Left-Overs

      • Ha,ha, yes, I’d forgotten how traumatic their performance was, he was so good at it tho! Thing is, he was right to be nervy about “where we are” with our culture and society and all that – the last few yrs of his life he seemed to be brain damaged, I thought he must be getting old, or that he just couldn’t be bothered to perform the thing straight – but then I found an interview with his wife, she said he’d been bashed over the head and robbed over a few dollars – they did do some sweet ones, like Cheree, and Dream baby Dream, I think its all tongue in cheek, cos love is a fantasy and life is hell, hence Suicide! 😀 ❤ 😀 (of course I don't support or condone these ideas! Someone had a nice video of them where Alan Vega gets in a taxi and steals someones GF, but I can't find it at the mo, not sure what song it was but I thought it was Cheree ❤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T4dgC91d7Q&feature=youtu.be


      • Yeah, that GG Allin stuff is totally insane! I’m glad he never came to Europe! LOL For obvious reasons – its a good read below the video, I think I probably heard of him before, it seems more like performance art than pop / rock, trust a New Yorker to go al the way!

        Here’s the Suicide video I found, the footage is from the film Smithereens, so it doesn’t feature Alan Vega after all, but it seems to fit quite well 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Pl5LU9GsKw

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      • Yeah – he’s hard to classify, don’t know if I’d call him performance art exactly, just a mad poo flinging metal/punk rocker,.maybe. moved out to new Hampshire – his home state when I was 19, was super enthusiastic when I met someone who knew him – guess he was kind of the state embarrassment for a while, lol.

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      • He seems to have got into a situation where he couldn’t go anywhere without fighting everyone he encounters, also he seems to have a screw loose! LOL I saw a documentary about someone living in a shed a bit like that, may have been the same guy, I think he was covered in shit and fighting everyone so very likely the same bloke!

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      • Both assumptions are accurate! He was born Jesus Christ Allen in a shack to a schizophrenic father who assumed he would be the second coming of Christ. The name GG comes from his older brothers childhood attempt at saying Jesus. Can’t say GG was a nice guy, but he went to prison for rape charges, which he contested eternally after and went south mentally after that. Ended up od’ing, died on a couch at a party, everyone thought he was just passed out…then they had an open casket funeral for him, but refused to uh, preserve the body at all. Not sure how many copraphilliac shed dwellers we have out there…:p

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