22 thoughts on “Diamanda

    • She does have a sort of “over-washed” look to her doesn’t she! I think she has an extraordinary face, not that I was thinking of her, but you’re right! She’s weird! She doesn’t have any cheekbones hardly! 😀 ❤

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    • Aha, I like this! I saw the film “Final Portrait” a month or 2 ago about Modigliani, its a really good film! If only I could live like that! 🙂 I added an “aged look” to the pictures, so it looks like old cracked paint / varnish, it’ll show up better full size if you click to open the bigger versions – thanks RAZ XX ❤

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    • This the sort of look I was after – I got a bit carried away with it, getting the textured overlay right, some of the earlier versions were better, but the overlay wasn’t so good – anyhow,w its ended up alrighty! 😀

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