Here’s a quick one – pretty girl drawn from memory, I did this one to show how I work – so there’s a movie below showing how its done.


First I rough out some eyes and nose mouth etc, then using the various presets I draw almost randomly for a while till I get some textures going, then draw over the top again and again till she becomes alive! I do quite a bit of warping and morphing to move the shapes into what I want.

Its not real time, I just recorded what I did then replayed it at 10X speed – it was a bit of a hassle to get it out the software, cos the thing kept going wrong till the last minute and I got it too work! Ha! 😀

If you cant view the movie, you could watch it via the link to youtube, (there’s no sound on it)


[Edit] I uploaded a slightly better version which is just better to watch 🙂

15 thoughts on “Julliette

  1. The morphology is really interesting to watch! The way your process continually goes back and forth across the refined–>distorted pendulum – rather than continually moving in one direction or the other – is not something I’ve seen so succinctly demonstrated before.


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