11 thoughts on “Sentinals

    • I think it works better printed out, full size, tho I only printed one part of it, I think I’ll do a painting, I just like messy paint strokes. I was focusing on texture & colour, and neglecting all else really. That’s just how I roll, I really dig it, crazy mofo lol🙃😆

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      • I’m back to work tomorrow (Friday) no one has contacted me to say if I’m still due there or not, so I shall soon find out.
        I do a lot of painting on a normal week, cos I only work part time, but now Louise is off work, its not so easy to set up and go into my little world of painting lunacy! I shall asap, we shall see!


  1. I’m sure a lot of couples are driving each other crazy! I’m going to take a little time off work this week as they are pushing for us to use vacation time and I’m able to take it. Hope you were able to continue at work.

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    • I don’t mind painting a person if they’re posing, but I don’t like an audience! I’m not a performing seal! LOL

      Bit cheeky of your employer to ask people to sacrifice holiday time – but then its exceptional times, I see how it could make sense for both sides.

      I got some painting done today, I made the thing better, but I was tempted to do something wild to it, to take it to the next level, but didn’t, which I sport of regret, but not, cos the idea was sort of cheesey, so its a bit of a quandary, in a bit of a rut with it, maybe its ok, but I wanted it to be more than ok, harumph!


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