4 thoughts on “Deserie

    • Ah well I just pulled the name out the air – I don’t know what her real name is, cos she was a dream!! More or less, I went to bed and was just drifting off and I saw a pair of lips, but everything else was very faint fading into white, so I thought aha, I shall remember this and draw er out tomoz, then I forgot all about that till about 2am the other night, and there she is now! 🙂 I just needed a title, so I went with Deserie, seemed like a good name!

      In the big museum in London they have some really faint drawings by Michelangelo, or Da Vinci, I forget which, but they’re really sweet, actually they aren’t drawings, they used to transfer artworks to canvas using this technique where you use charcoal, and puncture the paper, and it leaves an impression, real soft and sensual, its absolutely gorgeous – they use a lightbox to display them cos they’re so delicate you can hardly see them – I may rework these, cos they aren’t quite as beautiful as my dream yet!

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      • There’s a thought! I walked by them the first time, then went back and really got into them, the room was dark to protect the work from fading, and the backlight made it all the more ethereal – it would be amazing if she was dreaming back at me! ❤

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