19 thoughts on “Gin Demon (indifferent)

  1. This looks like a snapshot of an 80s movie effect. A quantum explosion rips a hole in space/time and unleashes the Gin Demon! Watch out coke snorting yuppies, valley girls and assorted other 1980s stereotypes!

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    • Well hopefully no demonas for you when you do have a tipple! I had some of my Sloe Gin tonight, I’m fairly confident I won’t be visited by the Gin Demon, but if I am, I’m not worried – yet! LOL Well, who knows what dreams may come? On that occasion, I knew it was the gin, and I quite enjoyed the visit, I just thought “Oh, nice blues!” I knew he’d come for my soul, but he couldn’t have it, cos its just the gin – I do worry a little about alcoholism when I find myself hallucinating at 4am, I’m like, “Oh no! Tell me I don’t have to give up the booze!!”

      Anyhoo, that was drinking the cheaper Aldi stuff caused that visitation – this Ophir gin, I had it 3 times now, and no demons were involved! Thus, I won’t be buying gin at Aldi! 😀

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      • I tried it, I loved it, I came out unscathed! I made a gimlet and it had a nice tangy, botanical sweet taste. Were you visited again after the Sloe gin? I worry I’ll become an alcoholic writer, as there are many alcoholics in my family. But I’m a tough dame.

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      • Great! It bugs me everyone here says Gordon Gin is the best, and that this Aldi London Gin is just as good and cheaper still – but I found both of those were nasty! 😀 Ha, they can’t fool me! I got this stuff called Ophir, its so much nicer in taste, peppery, n juniper in there really – thats the beauty of Gin, variety!

        The Sloe gin seems fine! It had about 8 parts Ophir to 2 parts the Aldi stuff, so I was worried it was going to spoil it, but it seems fine! I saw another bottle of Ophir in the sales and bought it, cos I sort of regretted putting the Sloe’s in, lovely tho it is, the Ophir is very nice as it is! Phew!! 😀

        Yes, don’t descend into alcoholism slaving away at the the desk! Rambling away! You know a lot of artists and creatives have succumbed, I remember having a worry a few years ago, you know English painter Francis Bacon was a total alchy – quite entertaining with it, but wouldn’t it be awful to be obliged to get hammered every day, just to work! Ugh!! 😮

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  2. Interesting, mine tastes kind of floral/juniper above all else – no pepperyness about it. I made another gimlet last night for New Year’s. I do have some health issues that alcohol makes worse so that’s another deterrent. I don’t understand how someone could write amazing prose being knackered, but they really build a tolerance up. Happy First Day of the Year! Let’s make our creative dreams become realities.

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    • Well yours sounds like traditional gin – they usually use juniper, or so I believe – this Ophir stuff I bought, well, heres the blurb!
      Our OPIHR Gin is firmly rooted in the Ancient Spice Route, inspired by the adventurous spirit of the merchants travelling thousands of miles to trade exotic spices …

      Ohh! Well, they do have a lot of craft gins here now, I just googled best gin for making Sloe gin, and it was the one that I liked the sound of – hmm, tasty stuff – makes a change for me to get lucky, I had about 10 bottles of whisky before I found one I liked!

      Happy New Year DL, I hope its the best one yet! 🙂 ❤

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    • Oh yes, I was gonna say, if you had a little nip of vodka or something, to loosen up or whatever, and you found the words flow, or the paining or whatever, when you’re blocked, it could be a godsend, but then obvs, when a year or 2 later, and you’re like totally bladdered everyday!! Well yeah, I can see how that could happen! Argh! Nightmare! Thankfully I’m nowhere near that desperate – I believe it would be a bad mistake, but its not unheard of, mad would that it is! as it stands, I don’t even need coffee, once I’m started on something, I’m there for months, now, if I thought ther was a magic short cut . . . 😮

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      • Your Ophir sounds intriguing, I parked up at “ancient spice route.” 🙂 I like to have enough just for that baby buzz and warmth. The looseness. I still need coffee or tea, always! I just like to have a hot drink or something comforting when I write and tell myself how terrible it’s going, haha.

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      • I sometimes have a coffee to help me fly, but once I’m painting I don’t really need anything – it’s so therapeutic I don’t worry about anything, unless it all goes horribly wrong, then I’ll have to come at it again another time I suppose, it’s difficult to say really, mostly I feel ok about it, but I do hit rock bottom from time to time, the more you do it, the better it gets, cos you get more familiar with your true potential and territory – it would be weird to bring something new and alien to it like booze or drugs, or whatever, I used to think drugs were a secret weapon, but that’s only true if you like making rubbish art! Lol it’s good to fantasise about solutions, but probably better to just get good the hard way, or the easy way, or whatever style you fancy 👍😁

        I saw Ophir for sale as a mixer, in a tin, so it must be catching on as a popular drink, oh it’s so tasty, I highly recommend it! Its a sophisticated flavour, I’m just sipping some now, there’s an undercurrent of cheeses feet in there! I’m thinking Arabs in sandals, out there on the spice trail – it’s very very odd, a hint of peppers, lime, and cheeses feet! 🦶🦶 🤪😀

        I have to say, we here in England drink so much tea, I wouldn’t know if I’d been high since I was 6 years old! Seriously, I wonder if I went without tea for a day, if I’d be reduced to staring out the window blankly? I doubt it, cos its not exactly “the hard stuff” but it must have some impact? Tea drinking is just “what we do” 😀 😀

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      • I’ll look for Opihr next time I’m at the liquor store. 🙂 Maybe I’ll pair it with a nice cheese.

        You might be like me and get an astronomical headache if you go without tea for a day. I’m very sensitive to not having my daily cup or two.

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      • Thats a good idea – it may really go with a cheese! A soft smoky one I should think would be pretty blooming tasty! I wonder whats really in it? Could be saffron, or fennel, something in there I can’t quite place, but I’m enjoying the guessing game! 😀

        Oh how I love a mug of hot tea, especially when its cold out! ❤

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