9 thoughts on “The old School Tie! (photos)

  1. My interpretation is a fuzzy memory of childhood concealed in the fog of forgetfulness. Even when the fog lifts the image remains crude and we don’t get much of a revelation. Actually that’s sort of sad in a maudlin kind of way…

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    • Yes, I wasn’t going for a foggy look originally, things just come out how they do – thats partly because this computer is knackered – it crashes a lot, so I’m hoping when I get a new one, my style will alter for the better – I’m not in any rush, and don’t really worry if messages are garbled as long as its something to look at and get ideas too and from, whatever they may be, its a very loose approach that I have! Disinformation is often more fun! I love being maudlin too! ITs a great word for a great feeling! 🙂 ❤

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