Mrs O’Hara!

Not really her, just a very distant memory of a school teacher called Mrs O’Hara who left an impression so many years ago – she wasn’t my teacher, all I remember is her name, and her hair! 😀

When you’re 5, adults just look very odd! 😮 😀

11 thoughts on “Mrs O’Hara!

    • Haha, mine too – everyone over 30 looks more like over 80 to a child! I was very kind in the drawing, I don’t think teachers wore bright colours back then either, I seem to remember them all looking quite victorian! 😀 😀


    • Haha, yes, I can hardly remember her at all, I just got this vision in my memory of the name, and a sensation really – she was a background figure, cos she wasn’t my teacher, she led the other group, so she was an unknown quantity – I would have to keep a peripheral eye on her at playtime, make sure I didn’t get caught doing something wrong! School was such a new experience!! 😀 😀

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    • On the first day of school, *I don’t remember it but someone later told me) one of the kids threw a pair of scissors across the room and caused quite a scene! I do remember the feeling of dread of punishment, but I don’t think it was me on that occasion! 😀 😀

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      • It was mostly the boys who got paddled and we could tell it hurt. Poor little boys had red eyes from crying.
        Can you imagine your child getting hit with a big wooden board now?
        Teachers are powerless. One of my daughters had a teacher whose purse was stolen from her classroom. She knew who did it but couldn’t say anything, lest she be accused of something. She said it was the hardest thing…to watch that child “carry” her purse to class for the rest of the year. How times have changed. 😔

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      • The headmaster when I started school retired the following year, so I never knew much about him, he was so terrifying I just think of him as a deep black shadow!
        It might turn out the kid just had a purse just like hers – if that turned out to be the case, and they could prove it, it would be a disaster! 😮

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      • We didn’t have headmasters. We had “principals.”
        The purse…all of the children in the class saw her take it…but like I said…teachers couldn’t show any kind of prejudice. To me…the idea that a fourth grader would suddenly have a designer (Gucci) handbag would be enough to raise a question.
        My son had a teacher who really disliked him. She would always send him out of the room after she jerked him up by the arm. When I complained to the principal, I was questioned
        about racism…but when I showed him the marks on my little son’s arm left by her fingernails…it was clearly abuse. Two other mothers came forward after their children had marks on them, and the teacher was fired. Such a shame.

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