4 thoughts on “Dancing Dead Dude

  1. Lol the title of the piece sounds like an old White Zombie song.

    I think the alliteration of d-d-d echoes the idea of petrifaction. Indeed, the subject is himself a fossilized individual, caught forever in the dance macabre in rock underground. He’s petrified, and we’re petrified with fright at the sight of him. Such a balancing act proves that this is genius!!

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      • Remember that I was your biggest fan when it’s time to start counting money from t-shirt sales, ol’ buddy ol’ pal.

        But seriously it’s a very interesting subject, what’s the story behind Dancing Dead Dude?

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      • There really is no story for this one, I just had the idea to draw it out of nowhere – a day or so later, I realised I’d been browsing FB, and there was an add for a Skeletal Family CD, that has a sort of dancing skeleton on the cover, so chances are, that’s where it came from!! 😮 😀

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