9 thoughts on “Triangulated

  1. I really like these. It’s impressive how what is basically the same image can be pop art, minimal and Gothic depending on its presentation. I like triangles – something about being enclosed yet perpetual at the same time.
    Great work.

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    • Thanks Chris, glad you enjoyed them! Personally I prefer the square or circle to the triangle, but it is certainly a great shape – simpler than the cube perhaps, apart from the diagonals, interesting stuff to play with!

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      • Some people would make much of it! I’m a fan of Joseph Albers square paintings, I think they work better as squares than they ever would as triangles or circles, I suppose the square is more ubiquitous, since we live in box shaped rooms, even if the triangle shaped glass framed buildings are on the up, the rooms inside are still box shaped really, floors still flat and ceilings and so on, nah, the square / cube shape has to be the winner! Maybe circles and spheres are more divine, and triangles / pyramids have some special qualities 🙂

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      • I like the works of Albers that I have found – I will now follow up with your other suggestions. Strange how we tend to hear only a few names in any particular field of art when there were often others (some predating the more famous) around. Cheers.

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      • Luck of the draw I guess – Albers was more of a teacher than a professional artist, coming from the time he did, I suppose there wasn’t much call for that kind of art. Its become such an industry now, its kind of lost that ground breaking nature really, unless you’re into whatever the latest thing is 🙂

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