11 thoughts on “See

  1. This is so perplexing! I see two figures, the tall one definitely a man with facial hair, the shorter one less certain. It all devolves into a strange abstraction. It’s so odd, I’m not even sure how to approach it. What is it??

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    • Its related to the murderous “conflict” in Ukraine. I started out drawing something, but the news crept in and I was thinking about this news report I saw where a man talked about how his wife had been blown to smithereens, he wept openly, then they showed this photo of her alive with him, both of them hugging a tree, and he was saying why does Putin do this? Why god oh why etc, anyhow, I thought it was quite moving.

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    • Thanks Chris, I keep reading these latest articles about Ukraine, it just gets more horrific with all the personal experiences coming out now – really difficult to find real inner peace at the moment

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      • Absolutely, and the rest of the world seems not to be willing or able to find a solution (not that I’m any more certain about what to do, but then our ‘leaders’ are well paid to resolve issues like this and to work for the common good.
        Horrific indeed.

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