Strange Fish


13 thoughts on “Strange Fish

  1. This is the fish that’s been haunting my dreams lately…

    I hope you’ve been well! No one gets access to my page, by the way. 😉 It’s not you, it’s just that I’m not updating it any longer as I don’t have time to participate in WordPress shenanigans these days. Maybe that will change at some point. I also had a creepy stalker leaving messages from time to time (thus the comment moderation) and I got tired of that, too.

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    • Ahaha, you’re so funny and cool and all round brill 🙂 Well yes, one can’t beat a wet kiss from a fish, that’s what I always think!

      I’m sorry to hear you’re no longer blogging, I like to read your stuff, pity about the tiresome side of it, I’m getting so many emails lately, its ludicrous, I just can’t go on like this, I’ll be like a billion subscriptions or something, its madness!!

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      • D’aww thank you, dear.

        Those luscious fish lips! Ahaha!

        I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed my ramblings. Good news though, I recently got a poem published in a local literary journal so I’ll be doing a reading early next year at the library. Oh wow! That’s a lot of people and emails to keep up with. Maybe time to do a little culling? 😀

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      • Wow, that’s something to look forward to! I wonder if it’ll be streamed?

        I keep on cutting back on notifications, but blimey, people are organised these days, I’m subscribed to loads of activists, journals, news & arts things, I keep with it for the occasional interesting bits, then have to just delete 70 out of 90 daily emails, just follow up on the odd one, its just crazy!! 😮

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      • Arf, well the net is a wonderful place innit! God knows I unsubbed from so many sites, but still I’m getting a ton of stuff, some of it is interesting, but really!!

        I’ll certainly watch your appearance if its available, hope it all goes well for you 🙂


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