Angels and Devils


16 thoughts on “Angels and Devils

      • Well it was going to be a face, but it was going a bit crazy, so I drew over what looked like was interesting and it worked out like new, faces are often something I find in colours and shapes more than anything else 🙂

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      • That makes sense; humans are hardwired to see faces in things, apparently ( I’m referring to the concept of pareidolia. It’s interesting. Although I dislike the materialist reductionist angle of it. I’d say that if we’re hardwired to recognise patterns, surely that’d imply that pattern recognition is important and or/ meaningful). Anyway, ramble ramble. I’ve always been quite drawn to faces as subject matter. It’s always amazed me how different from one another faces manage to look, despite the fact that they’re all the same 2 eyes/ nose/ mouth set up. It surprises me that we don’t run into dopplegangers everywhere we go!

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      • That is interesting, I hadn’t heard of pareidolia, I think being drawn to faces must go way back to being born or something, I mean its just got to be natural to realise that a face is representative of a persons “whole” – I worked with some guy who said he met my doppelganger & I thought it was amazing, but I don’t know if I believed him, I thought he might have been pulling my leg, cos I really find it hard to believe there’s another of me out there! LOL Perhaps there really is tho? I mean, you get family resemblances don’t you, I always find those uncomfortable and difficult, I mean, if I like someone’s look, sexually I mean, and then I meet there mum, I’m meant to like them too? And their sister = possibly even their brothers? \argh!! 😀 😀

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      • Yeah, it must have served an evolutionary purpose of some kind. Interesting point you make about family resemblances. I hadn’t thought of it that way before! I guess it might just help you to feel more comfortable with their family in that they’ll seem more familiar to you? ( although, let’s be real, a friend or partner could indeed have a sibling that we find attractive- not necessarily because they resemble them in any way. ) I have to admit that it does freak me out a bit when people’s family members have a REALLY strong likeness- like a little army of clones!

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