I forgot the title!

So I was just waking up and looking at a flowery wall paper pattern and I saw this face and thought I could do that – and I had the best idea ever for a title already – it was such genius, I thought I wouldn’t forget that, but I did! I remember the image in my mind though, so I just drew that and did some manipulations in software which is all rather fun – here’s she is, whatever she’s called!

I actually did about 60 of these, but I just post the ones I like best – about 10 of them I deleted, because they were just irrelevant, some I might use to overlay or combine with other machinations within the software, that’s the way it works – I’m not looking to get from A to B, just churning out variations, surprises more often than not, that’s how this software operates! No, its not Artificial Intelligence, its just complicated selections, mostly random, but based on the source, which was “what it was”!