Here’s a quick one – pretty girl drawn from memory, I did this one to show how I work – so there’s a movie below showing how its done.


First I rough out some eyes and nose mouth etc, then using the various presets I draw almost randomly for a while till I get some textures going, then draw over the top again and again till she becomes alive! I do quite a bit of warping and morphing to move the shapes into what I want.

Its not real time, I just recorded what I did then replayed it at 10X speed – it was a bit of a hassle to get it out the software, cos the thing kept going wrong till the last minute and I got it too work! Ha! 😀

If you cant view the movie, you could watch it via the link to youtube, (there’s no sound on it)


[Edit] I uploaded a slightly better version which is just better to watch 🙂

Beautiful Surprise – Dichotomy!

Yesterday I posted this picture


and I thought I’d just go into what thats about and so on for your interest.It was just a quick one I dashed off while there was nowt on TV, it took an hr or 2, of course if I spent another few hours I could get the nose in the right place and sort out the foreshortening on the left eye, get the right one into the right place and so on and on – but that isn’t the object here, no! non! nyet!

Consider this photo done by Yves Klein,



I saw that picture during a lecture on art many years ago, there was an additional remark passed about how some artist (Picasso?) from years before had said “An artist ought to be able to draw a falling body before it hits the ground” Well, it didn’t mean you had to draw your picture in 6/10ths of a second – it just meant one look is all you need, (assuming its a good look) Something like that? Oh who cares anyhow? The point is, you can, right! (I think its fab!)

I saw this girl in the street as I passed on my motorcycle, she probably turned her head cos she thought the bus was coming, I saw her lovely eyes and lips and hair, but not much else, then later I thought, hmm, better than TV! 

Nah then! (as they say in Barnsley) When you do your drawing, its quite feasible that your brain has recorded a snap shot image, just like a camera, but the mind actually does more than that, its more like a series of movie snapshots compressed into a memory.  When you recall memories, is it in 3d, like a sculpture, or 2d like a photo? For my money, I’d say its somewhere between 2d and 3d, with a fair bit of imagination thrown in!

Don’t forget  those crazy Picasso pictures, where he combines all his memories into one. Picasso was off his rocker!

But I’m not looking to make a big statement about time and matter, I just do that cos I know about those things, or know something about it – which releases me from the constrictions of photography, (thankfully cos I’m not much good at it) I just like posting pictures what I did on here, for a laugh! 😀 😀 

Ok, class dismissed! And don’t let anyone tell you you cant draw, cos you can! You just need to get on it! Your welcome! 🙂

[Edit] Its also about how the eyes work, when your eyes focus in on something, thats a memory created, its another for the mouth, nose, hair, etc, so when you think “I know what a person looks like”, as a whole, what about their mouth? Probably filed under mouths, in the part of your memory associated with mouths, so its putting things together, from different parts of your brain, its all rather strange, really nothing like what does a person look like at all, its a brain and eyes and feelings and memory thing.

I’m also aware not everyone is going to be able to just go off and do a picture based on this info, cos maybe you got other things to do, or whatever, but you probably could if you wanted to! LOL

[Edit 2] I have to admit, when I do my drawing, I’m not thinking “aha, this is how my brain & eye works! You probably have little interest in whats going on under the hood while looking at art than I do even while doing it – it mostly happens naturally – how odd, that all this stuff happens without our conscious knowledge! Oh well, thats just how it is!