Ageing Punk Rocker!

I haven’t uploaded anything for ages, so I thought I’d share this 3d artwork I just finished, or more than likely finished, cos I can’t think of anything more to do on it – I could make him more sparkly, by adding some chains or more studs or something like purple hair or whatever, but the original idea was to do an ageing punk, so I didn’t want him to look too good – he doesn’t look as old as I intended in the first place, so maybe I shall go over that skin and try and age him some more, but overall I’m pretty pleased.

Thing is with 3d work, it takes so long, I did enjoy doing it, and seeing it through, I got to thinking how I loved studs and shiny things in general when I was younger, getting the chrome effects on the zip was pleasing – took me back to when I first got a leather jacket myself, I was pretty chuffed with myself! 🙂