10 thoughts on “A Bloody Strange Person!

  1. Where do you get your inspiration? Your art is always remarkably evocative, like this. The moment I cast eyes on it I thought how it would be great to see this character realized in prosthetic makeup, like in the 2000s show Face Off. Imagine Lord Eraserhead here in live action!

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    • It was a kind of waking dream, so it could be a “dressed phallus” LOL Or else I just pinched one of the muppets! I’m thinking it would look good rendered in 3d software, I may get round to that, its very time consuming to do 3D stuff tho, it was fun to do this way, and 3D is s exacting and precise, it lacks the fun of flipping colours and textures that are more creative to play with 🙂 Glad you like it Tiege! ❤

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    • I was thinking its a bit like the “Minions” characters – you know those yellow things? They’re probably also phallic, as in fact are probably all characters by male creators 😀 😀

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